Digital SwankiVYs!

These are avatars from various utilities. Feel free to suggest a utility for me to try!

Click small thumbnail pictures to see the full example, and click the included links if you want to try the sites yourself. (Or, if you came here through a search engine, go back to the main site for more about me.)

Adventure Time Princess, by spacecoma.
Ameba Pico Avatar, through Facebook.
Not technically an avatar, but this is what an American Girl Just Like You doll of me would look like.
Anime Avatar: From Dress Up 24/7.
Anime Avatar Creator Makeover: From Rinmaru Games.
Anime Costume Party: Full body avatar, with unfortunately VERY few options (though one happened to look like me).
Anime Face Maker: Cute anime Flash thing by gen8 on DeviantART.
Anonymous D's Anime Character Maker: Full body avatar, at Kongregate.
Avatara: Full body version.
Avatara: Face-only version.
Avatarize Yourself version of me from the movie Avatar; uses a photo upload to make your avatar.
Azalea's Dress Up Dolls Chinese Zodiac doll.
Disney Yourself: Disney version of yourself.
Azalea's Dress Up Dolls: Disney princess heroine doll.
Azalea's Dress Up Dolls Garden Fairy doll.
Bibi Angel and Demon doll--mine's an angel.
Bibi Animal Dressup doll--mine's a bunny.
Bibi Little Mermaid Dressup doll.
Bibi Nymph Dressup doll.
Bibi Renaissance Dressup doll.
Bibi Witch Dressup doll.
Bitstrips character.
Bless This Chick Avatar.
Block Head Avatar--looks like a Lego block.
BuddyPoke Avatar (through Facebook).
Car Insurance Style Avatar, with pink VW Bug.
Cartoon Doll Emporium Avatar; mine might look good but this is one of the most limited I've ever seen.
Chibi Maker Avatar by gen8.
Club Cooee Avatar by Weblin.
Cute Knight Avatar by Hanako Games, though sadly there aren't many options. Avatar.
Doll Divine Adventurer Doll.
Doll Divine Avatar Doll.
Doll Divine Centaur Doll.
Doll Divine Elf Doll.
Doll Divine Fairy Doll.
Doll Divine Gothic Lolita Doll.
Doll Divine Hogwarts Student Doll.
Doll Divine Japanese Fashion Doll.
Doll Divine Mermaid Doll.
Doll Divine Pirate Doll.
Doll Divine Princess Doll.
Doll Divine Rock Chick Doll.
Doll Divine Sailor Senshi Doll.
Doll Divine Snow Fairy Doll.
Doll Divine Warrior Doll.
The Doll Palace Emo Doll Maker Avatar.
Dollz Mania Palace Dressup doll.
Dollz Mania Palace Fairy Angel Dressup doll.
Dollz Mania Pink Ice Winter Fantasy doll.
DoppelMe Avatar.
eLouai Candybar Doll Avatar.
eLouai Lollipop Doll Avatar.
eLouai MapleStory Doll.
eLouai MiniDoll Avatar.
Facemaker Avatar.
Face Your Manga Avatar.
Free Heads Avatar.
Frenzoo Avatar, face shot.
Frenzoo Avatar, full body shot.
Funmaza Avatar.
Gaia Avatar (from the tektek "dream" simulator).
Girls Inc. Avatar.
GoAnimate character.
Hanna's Makeover Game Avatar from PuterDolls.
Hero Factory: Baroness von Barky Stick.
Hero Machine Classic Avatar: Human Fantasy Female.
Hero Machine Real Life Avatar.
Hero Machine Rock Star Avatar.
I Am Bored Avatar.
IMVU Avatar, full body.
IMVU Avatar, face shot.
IMVU Avatar, smiling.
IMVU Avatar, wearing a Flying Spaghetti Monster tee shirt.
IMVU Avatar, making the puke face.
IMVU Avatar, wearing a Wicked tee shirt.
Jersey Shore Yourself avatar, at Facebook.
Jojo Facemaker Avatar, controls in Japanese.
Kaneva Avatar, face shot.
Kaneva Avatar, full body (standing on a bed).
Karooba Avatar (a.k.a. "Karoobatar").
Kinsaki Avatar.
Not technically an avatar, but I made this for my profile when I was a host at the Kids' WB! chat room. It's drawn in MS Paint.
Lunaii Dollmaker Avatar.
Become an M&M Avatar.
Victor made this M&M shot of him and me.
Here we are getting beamed up by aliens.
Madmen Avatar, full body.
Madmen Avatar, head only.
Madmen Avatar, full body with background.
Madame Malkins Candymaker doll. Face Maker Avatar.
Marvel Create Your Own Superhero--if I were a superhero.
Meegos Avatar.
Meez Avatar, with coffee, animated.
Meez Avatar, singing karaoke, animated.
Menewsha Avatar--she has no clothes because I didn't earn "money" to buy any.
Messdudes Avatar.
Mii from Wii, face shot, made by a sample Mii editor.
Mii from Wii, full body shot, made by a sample Mii editor.
Mii from Wii, face shot, made by Jeaux on his Wii.
Mii from Wii, body shot next to Jeaux's Mii.
Miniego Avatar.
Minigao Avatar, face shot.
Minigao Avatar, full body.
Minimizer Avatar, wearing "kiss the cook" apron, kid-safe version.
Miss Bimbo Avatar.
MoFunZone Avatar.
Moove Actor, from the front.
Moove Actor, from the side.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Avatar, full body.
My Virtual Model Avatar, full body.
Noble Avatar, which kinda sucks because they have so few options to use.
Online Life Avatar, where my hair is screwy.
Onverse Avatar.
Osoq Avatar.
Otaku Doll.
Peanuts avatar.
PicCrew avatar.
Pickaface avatar.
Pixel Portal doll.
Pixie Hollow fairy for the Disney game. Her name is Saffron.
Plants vs. Zombies Avatar.
Portrait Icon Maker Avatar.
Portrait Illustration Maker Avatar.
Powerpuff Girl Avatar.
Rinmaru Hogwarts Avatar, full body; I'm a Ravenclaw.
Rinmaru Pokémon Avatar, partial body; I'm a Pokémon trainer!
Rinmaru Semi-Realistic Avatar.
Rinmaru Mega Geek Girl Avatar, full body.
Cartoon doll made by Ronni; I don't know what base she used.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Avatar, full body.
The Simpsons Avatar, full body.
The Sims Avatar.
Skype WeeMee Avatar.
South Park Avatar, adult version.
South Park Avatar, child version.
South Park Avatar, kindergartner version.
South Park Avatar, Canadian version.
Stardoll Avatar.
Steven Universe Gemsona Maker at Doll Divine, where I'm a cool Crystal Gem named Topaz.
StorTrooper Avatar, classic version.
StorTrooper Avatar, fashionista version.
Styletool Avatar.
Subeta Avatar.
TeenNick Avatar.
Tinkle Avatar; this site is designed for Indian users (though it is in English), so there aren't a lot of options for blondes, but I found one.
TizMe Avatar.
Toonlet character.
Toy Story 3 Toy Application on Facebook.
Twitter icon.
UGO Hero Machine Avatar.
Unique Avatar.
Voki Avatar, anime version.
Wambie MSN Avatar.
Wee World Avatar.
Whuddle World Avatar.
Wild Self Avatar, human version.
Wild Self Avatar, butterfly version.
Wimp Avatar from Wimp Yourself (Diary of a Wimpy Kid).
Winx fairy Avatar.
Xbox Live Avatar, full body.
Xbox Live Avatar, close up.
Yahoo Avatar, full body.
Yahoo Avatar, face shot.
Zantarni Avatar.
Zwinky Avatar.

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