These pictures are from Katelyn's middle school years.

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First, a slew of photos from when the whole family went to Disney for a vacation in June 2009!


And here are a couple from when the family went out to California for Brendon's sister's wedding:

[?]kmomswedding.jpg: Here's Katelyn with her mom, at Steve's wedding to Jessica!

And here are some from when she came to my Halloween party, 2009!

[?]kopeninbed1.jpg: Opening presents in bed is lovely.

[?]kopeninbed2.jpg: Nice lazy Christmas.

[?]kopensmore.jpg: Do the presents ever end?

[?]kpresentsmore.jpg: The unwrapping continues.

[?]kstuffedanimalpresent.jpg: This stuffed dog she received appears to be holding bath products.

[?]kdinnerbigsmile.jpg: Katelyn has got one beautiful smile.

[?]katelynbendoorway.jpg: With her little brother at Grandma's new place.

Here are some photos from a family trip to EPCOT, March 2010:

[?]katelynavenueq.jpg: Wearing a very cool shirt!

[?]katelynwelcome.jpg: Welcome to EPCOT!

[?]katelynsweater.jpg: Looks like she got a little chilly.

[?]katelynnoms.jpg: Whoa, it's a feast!

[?]poohcharacters.jpg: With Winnie-the-Pooh characters!

[?]mickeyminniecharacters1.jpg: Wow, can't believe they got to meet such famous mice!

[?]mickeyminniecharacters2.jpg: Another shot of the above.

[?]withbuzz1.jpg: They also got to meet Buzz Lightyear.

[?]withbuzz2.jpg: Another shot of the above.

[?]katelyngeisha.jpg: Here is Katelyn's 2010 Halloween costume: She is a cat-eared geisha of some kind.

[?]prettymonkey.jpg: She has a gorgeous smile.

[?]monkeyattacked.jpg: Katelyn gets attacked by her little brother a lot.

[?]monkeyholdingben.jpg: She doesn't mind picking him up even if he attacks her.

[?]babiesnolonger.jpg: They sure grow up fast.

[?]mariokatelyn.jpg: Katie wearing her brother's Mario hat and mustache.

Here are some Katelyn pictures from when I went to Disney in July with the family:

[?] After everyone got to the hotel, Benjamin quickly began attacking Katelyn.

[?] Katelyn is by some beautiful flowers. And she is quite a flower herself. ;)

[?] Would you look at that! Meghan, daughter Katelyn, and son Benjamin.

[?] Katelyn shares with others when she gets tasty treats. Three straws!

[?] Katelyn attempted to cheer her brother up.

[?] Hanging your brother upside-down is usually effective for inspiring cheer.

[?] That's right, you unholy terror! Get hung upside down for your crimes! . . . Aw, crap, you like being upside down?

[?] Mommy and daughter on the tram to Hollywood Studios.

[?] Sweetums! That's Meghan's sweetie--look how he's looking at her! Katelyn gets a big hug, too.

[?] Katelyn and her Happy Birthday button. She's thirteen!

[?] My friends after Star Tours! Look at these awesome people!

[?] Here's our group shot, taken by friendly cast member Adam.

[?] And a close-up also provided by Adam, after which he gave us Fast Passes to ride the ride again!

[?] Katelyn's birthday cheesecake.

[?] Candles blown!

[?]katelynhalloween2011.jpg: This is Katelyn's 2011 Halloween costume. She's basically just being herself, but wearing a Tank Girl shirt and a tutu.

[?]prettymonkey1.jpg: Even though this is one of those self-taken photos, Katelyn looks truly amazing here!

[?]prettymonkey2.jpg: If you didn't believe it the first time, here's another angle!