The Worst Pictures on the Web.

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[?]amymaa.jpg: Well, we were on a bus and my friend Amy stuck her head between the seats and went "MaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHH!!!" I took a picture of it and it is hideous.

[?]blurdc.jpg: My friends and I went to Washington, DC and were fooling around with the camera. This one features us lying on the floor trying to take our own picture.

[?]blahcut.jpg: I'm not sure exactly how this picture came to be but don't you think the top of my head is beautiful? To say nothing of Mia's tongue.

[?]thumroom.jpg: I was trying to photograph my room, but my thumb is just as good.

[?]drunkmom.jpg: No, my mom isn't really drunk here, but the picture sure makes her look like it somehow.

[?]feetdc.jpg: In DC, we photographed our feet and a flag. It's interesting, yet smacks of incompetence.

[?]wtf2.jpg: One of my parties. Can you say weirdness? Who took this??

[?]3selfpic.jpg: My friends James and Chris and I wanted to take a picture of us three together, and this is how it turned out.

[?]wtf3.jpg: The same party as wtf2. More weirdness. I dunno who I let borrow the camera.

[?]noturnt.jpg: This would have been a pretty good picture if we could have gotten my brat of a sister to turn around.

[?]wtf1.jpg: "Hey, is the camera working?"

[?]blurme.jpg: Tried to take my own picture. Wasn't too bad, but certainly worthy of this page.

[?]mybutt.jpg: I was attempting to do a head-stand, but before I could, this photo was snapped of my lovely backside.

[?]plastic.jpg: I was wearing this weird plastic dress. If only blinkie hadn't cut off my face, this would be a funny picture. :)

[?]blnkroom.jpg: I attempted (again) to photograph myself, but instead got most of blink's room.

[?]2self.jpg: My sister Lindsay and me, trying to take our own picture.

[?]5clover.jpg: I found this 5-leaf clover in the middle of a patch of 4-leaf ones! I tried to capture the moment with a picture, and . . . well, you see what happened.

[?]cuong.jpg: I tried to take a picture of my lab partner. But he thwarted me.

[?]joju2.jpg: Joe and I tried to take our picture, but we got about an eighth of his face.

[?]1stpic.jpg: My new digital camera had a historically bad first shot.