I've been keeping a journal or diary for most of my life. Obviously it wouldn't be interesting or practical to share "the complete collected journals of SwankiVY"--I don't even want to read it all. So what I've got here for you are journal materials in four main categories. Just click one of these and be whisked away to read more!

The Current Journal: Hosted on LiveJournal, this is the regularly-updated journal utility I've been using since October 2004.

Archived Journals: Adulthood: Various archived journals from my adult life. Includes my OpenDiary entries from 2002 to 2004 and older journal excerpts back to 2000.

Archived Journals: Childhood: Four diaries from my younger days, from third grade to high school, plus some links to silliness from those days.

Work Log: Six years of retail hell are detailed here. I worked at a bookstore from 2000 to 2006, and recorded all of my stupid and mean customers. This is pretty exhaustive and frequently humorous, and includes "top ten" lists for my top ten dumbest customers and top ten worst customers of the entire six years.

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