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By CursedFreedom!

CursedFreedom's Top Thirty list, in order from least to most desirable! On this one, you can click small pictures of the lovely ladies to see a larger picture in most cases.

30. Allison Reynolds (Alexandra Elizabeth Sheedy - "The Breakfast Club")

What is it about crazy girls that turn me on so much? Seriously, I wanna know! This is a very unpredictable girl and a compulsive liar to boot, but I won't hold that against her. All she wanted was some attention. I would gladly give her some. And she likes Vodka... mmmm. Watching the Breakfast Club I found most of my attention was on Allison the basket case, and not Claire (Molly Ringwald). And I did NOT like her with her "new" look toward the end of the movie. Yes she was pretty, but it just wasn't her...

29. Edwina "Ed" McDonnough (Holly Hunter - "Raising Arizona")

Ok, mainly I put her in here because she has the most beautiful features when she smiles. It is such a perfect smile. Plus she has such dedication to protecting a baby, even when it isn't hers! Living with her would be a bit demanding but a rumble in the sack I could do with... (I'm bad, *slaps self*) BEDROOM BONUS: She's infertile! *slaps self again.*

28. Clarice M. Starling (Jodie Foster - "The Silence Of The Lambs")

So she has a thing for Hannibal Lecter. I'm too moronic to compare to him. But she has great intelligence, surperb crime-solving capabilities, and a southern accent. She falls under my "strong woman" catagory. I guess I like her because she impresses me so much, almost to the point that I would be intimidated by her. *sigh* but she's into the murderous type.

27. Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John - "Grease")

I have a great fondness for many things, and Australians are some of them. This is your typical too-nice high school girl that has a total transformation at the end. Both versions of her strike a warm chord in me. For the longest time, because of this movie, I considered her one of the best singers on Earth. Sandy I am definitely "Hopelessly Devoted To You." The power she's supplying is electrifying!

26. Victoria Everglot ("Corpse Bride")

Hard to make a Tim Burton character look attractive, but they pulled it off! What's not to like here? She extremely nice, loyal, and has a fondness for music. Old English accent too. Hard to see how two ugly-as-sin parents could produce such a gem.

25. Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third "Dot" ("Animaniacs")

She's cute, cute cute, oh baby, she's cute! And she constantly makes that clear. Attractive? Yes... but in this case what won me over was her Warner sense of humor. "That makes me feel me feel all kind of warm and squishy. Either that or I sat in something." I had to put her on the list, she's voiced by my favorite voice actress, Tress Macneille. I wouldn't try to make her mad though. She's handy with a mallet. And god help us all if you call her "Dottie."

24. Aya Brea ("Parasite Eve")

Not only was this a fun game to play, but the more you play, the more history you reveal of this lovely cop. If this were a game involving a male protagonist, I might find it a bit boring. She falls under my "strong woman" catagory, as her sometimes shy nature slowly but surely wears off to the gritty center. They made her look even better in the second game, and even offered a shower scene. Nice! She has extra special powers involving mitochondria, including the ability to heal, putting almost all your energy into one bullet, and of course a Liberation of all the mitochondrial powers. So many talents, I wonder what her powers would feel like in bed?

23. Lois Pewterschmidt Griffin ("Family Guy")

A sexy middle-aged housewife, who is known to get pretty kinky in bed. She has red hair, a great body...... and an annoying New York accent. Kind of a big nose too. Filled with talent: She teaches piano, she can sing (while stripping,) she can calculate the street value of confiscated drugs with ease. She can be cuddly and aggressive at the same time. And of course she seems to have a strong sexual desire, as seen in many episodes. Hard to find fault in this one. I wouldn't mind if Peter would let me have a go at her.

22. Chrissy (Ali Larter - "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back")

The blonde haired bad girl. The hottest jewel thief I know. Known simply as Chrissy, this outlaw is mean, rude, deadly, and sexy. (She's the one on the left. Couldn't find that good of a pic.) With her skin tight black leather, she'll blow like the wind through the laser grid with more style than any of her thieving sisters. Probably a very controlling girlfriend, if I was to go steady, but gotta be wild and crazy in the sack.

21. Kimi Watanabe-Finster ("All Grown Up!")

Born into a Japanese family, she became Chuckie's step-sister in the movie "Rugrats In Paris." Ten years later, she grew into someone mighty fine. Adventurous and athletic, supportive of her friends when they need her... she's everything Angelica (the other girl on the show, and on my list) isn't. She can speak fluent Japanese of course, also a plus.

20. Blossom ("The Powerpuff Girls")

Ok someone asked me the question of questions... "If you could bang one powerpuff girl, who would it be?" At first I was appalled that I was asked such a thing, then I got over it and answered "Blossom." Without hesitation. She's a leader, she's generally nice, has really pretty long, red hair, and of course, Frost Breath. "But wait, isn't she a little young?" Uh yeah, but she's a cartoon. It doesn't count. So there.

19. Elmyra Duff ("Tiny Toon Adventures")

Yeah, I said it. Elmyra Duff. That's right, I would do her. Yeah, go and tell all your friends and then make fun of me. Go ahead. I would still RIDE THAT PONY. Cree Summer's voice is NOT annoying, thank you very much. And what can I say? She likes to cuddle.

18. The Devil (Elizabeth Hurley - "Bedazzled")

OMG. If the devil looked and sounded like this, I would sin everyday to try to get into her domain. Elizabeth is hot (no pun intended) and she definitely shows it in this film. She will grant you seven wishes for your everlasting soul, whatever you want. And to think, I wanted to go to hell for free! She changes her clothing so often in the film it's ridiculous. But she'll look great in whatever outfit she happens to wear. (My favorite is the "angel" outfit.) And the British accent makes me want to fall out of my chair. If I ever meet her, I know what one of MY wishes would be.... hehehe. BEDROOM BONUS: Hey, you get seven whole wishes. GO NUTS!

17. Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly - "Bride of Chucky")

Loving this chick can be murder. Okay bad joke, but come on! Jennifer Tilly is gorgeous as a psycho goth murderer. Of course, it was a shame when her body died early in the film. Fortunately her soul lived on in a not-too-bad-lookin doll. And her charming, unique voice remained intact. The idea of a wedding dress with a black leather jacket over it... what a great fashion idea! It really worked for Tiffany. Now all of you know I would shag Tiffany when she was human... but what about as a doll? Hmmmmmmm....

16. Gadget Hackwrench ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")

The Rangers would be nowhere without her, and you all know it! She is the pilot, the engineer, the mechanic, and the inventor! So talented, so cute, so unbelievably polite. “Golly!” I think the ears, tail, and smile is what does it for me. I never knew mice could look so slim and human-like! Beautiful, in mind and body, in every sense of the word. I’m a big fan of the show, but, admittedly, it is largely due to her. BEDROOM BONUS: She likes to screw, and she’s handy with nuts! (Couldn’t resist)

15. Videl ("Dragonball Z")

The daughter of Mr. Satan, this high school bad girl uses her strength and attitude to fight crime within her town. Why on the list... well she is a bit of a tomboy... another type I fall for. She doesn't take any bullshit, and unlike other gullible chatacters in the series, she is always determined to find out the truth. I love her hair, too... long and in pigtails (or two long ponytails?) and then she went and cut it off. And she STILL looks great! Later in the series she started wearing a purple shirt and it suited her well. And all this puts her in the middle of my list.

14. Selphie Tilmitt ("Final Fantasy VIII")

As some may know I am into energetic characters, and when I think of the word "energetic" my minds always redirects to Selphie. Yeah, she's cute, but it's her activeness that attracted me to her. She always seemed to have an upside to everything... She was just one of those people that you would hate to have in a bad mood. It just wouldn't fit her. She has a clumsy side as well. She participates in various events and activities, so, even though some might argue with me on this, I think she is Squall's exact opposite. While Squall enjoys his "alone time," I could never imagine Selphie alone. Social, uppity, can wield a nunchaku like crazy... she's definitely do-able.

13. Joy Farrah Darville Hickey Turner (Jaime Pressly - ("My Name Is Earl")

"Oh snap!" If I had to choose any trailer trash woman in the world, Joy takes my pic. She's tough, snotty, and has a beautiful smile. And I know what you're thinking... "If you were going to choose someone on this show, why didn't you choose Catalina, the maid?" I can't really explain it, ok? Joy turns me on more. Simple as that. She may be rude, and a thief... but this is simply supposed to be a list of people I would have sex with, right? Well there ya go. "Are you starin' at my boobs, dummy?"

12. Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried - "Mean Girls")

Not much to explain in this one. This girl was the "dumb blonde" in the popular high school group, "The Plastics." She is one of the mean girls but I would have to say the nicest of the three. This is one of the girls on my list that won me over with her smile. It's wonderful... even though it looks like she has only one brain cell. I only saw this movie once, so she stuck out.

11. Alotta Fagina (Fabiana Udenio - "Austin Powers")

HAha... Another one where I don't have to explain much. She's just hot! She played a small but significant enough role in Austin Powers. She successfully seduces Austin... and has dirty sex with him in a hot tub. Lucky bastard.

10. Angelica Charlotte Pickles ("All Grown Up!")

Another All Grown Up character? Yep. A slightly softer side of the original "Rugrats" Angelica, she grew into the hottest person in the show. Now she chases after boys. YES! She has more fashion this time around. So why her over Kimi? Think about it. She is an original... she's been on Rugrats and AGU since the beginning, so I've had more time to love her. Spoiled rotten on the outside, but I bet she has a creamy center. *slaps self*

9. Eleanor Miller ("Alvin and the Chipmunks")

Athletic and kind, the sweetest of the Chipettes. Yeah, most people probably would've chosen Brittany, no one chooses the chubby girl. Well I think the slight chubbiness only adds to her attractive features. She has a fondness for food. She would make a great mother, as shown in "The Chipmunk Adventure." And her pigtails are so cute. And who wouldn't love a girl that could sing? Her signiture color is green, one of my favorites. BEDROOM BONUS: If she loves food so much, you know she'll bring some to bed with her. Kinky!

8. Meryl Stryfe ("Trigun")

A tough member of the Bernardelli Insurance Society, out for Vash the Stampede to evacuate claims. Short tempered, and strong-willed, it takes awhile to gain her respect. I can easily respect her, especially her skill with her derringer-style "throwaway" pistols, which she keeps under her coat. What cought my attention most about her was her height, which is short in the anime, and shorter still in the manga. Short girls rule! (Just my opinion.)

7. Juliet Capulet (Claire Danes - "Romeo + Juliet")

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, Having some business, do entreat her eyes To twinkle in their spheres till they return. INDEED! Juliet is the ultimate suicidal babe. And I would love to be smothered in thy bosom. I just have to be a part of the Capulets, just in case, so there's no trouble. Juliet truly does have beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. And with those angel wings on... I would believe her to be an angel. Too bad she's dead.

6. Catholic High School Girl ("Ren and Stimpy")

Powdered Toast Man's personal assistant. Drawn to look permanently seducive, she is nothing less than a dream girl. No wonder Powdered Toast Man loves his job, it's not the glory, it's the babes! Abnormally sexy, she's into superheros that can fly backward. But why no picture of her? This girl is hard to track down! I can't find one single pic of her on the interweb. Yeah, I said interweb. It's funnier. [Edit: Found a pic!]

5. Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat (Milla Jovovich - "The Fifth Element")

The only movie I ever thought Milla was that hot in. She speaks the "Devine Language" which is sexy as hell, and has the best looking hair in this movie than in any other she's been in. You can see her partially naked in this. (What can I say? Milla likes to show boob.) She's a great fighter, too. And unnaturally strong. Nothing not to like here.

4. Jessica Lovejoy ("The Simpsons")

Bart Simpson's girlfriend in the episode "Bart's Girlfriend." The animators tried hard to make an overbitten Simpsons character actually look decent, and in this, they succeeded. There are many characters in this show, and Jessica is by far the prettiest. But what makes her a good character? She's bad. Real bad. Although she appears cute and cuddly, she has a talent for mischief and crime. As Bart himself puts it, "She's like a Milk Dud, Lis: sweet on the outside, poison on the inside." She's bad to the bone, and I like it.

3. Loryn (E.G. Daily - "Valley Girl")

OK, I admit it. This one is sort of a cheat. I cheated. I just wanted an excuse to put E.G. Daily on this list. She is the top human character on this list, and for good reason. I have fallen in love with her. Everything about her is just so... perfect. Well, I guess her movie acting could be spruced up a bit, but that doesn't matter! She is perfect to me, in face, body, stature, hair, and even (especially) voice. You may know her from all the cartoon characters she plays, including Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls, and even Babe, the pig. Yep, that's her.

In the 80's she was a goddess. Naturally, she has a great singing voice (which REALLY turns me on, not just any great singing voice, but HER'S.) She has sang and produced a few albums, which are magnificent. In short, this "Wild Child" is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THE PLANET to me. Simple as that. And she's still hot today. Check out her Myspace page.

But for this list I have to choose a fictional character, and I can think of only a few movies she's been in. (Pee Wee's Big Adventure, The Devil's Rejects, ect.) so I'll go ahead and say Valley Girl, where she is, indeed, a valley girl. A ditzy, boy chasing, shoe shopping valley girl. (Like, Totally!) This is her in her 80's prime. Oh god I love her. Elizabeth Daily, I LOVE YOU!

2. Barbara Ann "Babs" Bunny ("Tiny Toon Adventures")

Ok, this is it. The final two. Before I begin, I just want to stress how difficult this decision was. These two ladies fought for DAYS about who was going to take the top spot. I love them both.

Anywho, Babs is a cute pink bunny with blue eyes that lives in Acme Acres. Yada Yada Yada, anyone who has seen Tiny Toon Adventures knows who she is. She has made me laugh too many times for her not to be on the list. She has a great sense of humor, and can do impressions like mad!

She has purple ribbons tied to the ends of each of her ears, adding to her "innocence" though she is anything but. Like Dot, Babs is voiced by Tress MacNeille, my favorite voice actress.

I really can't explain why I'm so attracted to her. She likes Buster Bunny anyway. But there's just something about her that strikes a chord in me. She's looney! And you know I love crazy girls. Maybe it's her cotton tail? Maybe I really like rabbits. I dunno. But I love her so much that I'm officially getting a tattoo of her on my arm. How 'bout that for devotion? BEDROOM BONUS: What do rabbits like to do more than anything else?

1. Fifi Le Fume or Fifi "La" Fume ("Tiny Toon Adventures")

TADA! Number one! Boy this was a tough decision. Seriously, I stressed over it for days!
Never before has a skunk look so ridiculously beautiful. She's a purple and white skunk. She keeps a ribbon in her hair which allows it to fall over one eye. She is French, and very flirtatious. But a tease she's NOT! She'll come right up to you and put her arms around you and squeezeand cover you with kisses.

This is the most romantic cartoon character since Pepe Le Pew, and that is a good thing. Her romance mixed with her French accent is drop dead satisfying. Literally, every time I see her my heart skips a beat. I keep thinking, "Why not me?!"

The most attractive quality is her massive tail, which is nearly TWICE the size of her body. It looks comfortable and I would SO love to be wrapped up in it. :) I just want to cuddle her all the time, and I know she would want nothing less. She loves to wrap her tail around boys to charm them, and the only reason they don't go for it is because of the stink.

So what about the stink? It is shown that she is able to control her musk at times. Especially around the ones she truly loves, such as Hampton J. Pig. Besides, I'm sure there is an operation that can get rid of it. But I would be more than willing to ignore the stench, even though it is known to melt solid steel.

Being the romantic way she is, she would be a perfect match for me. I love to kiss, I love to cuddle, and I even love to spoil. So again, why not me? Because she's a cartoon. :( Even if she wasn't, she'd be famous, and I'd have no chance. But I can dream.

"So wait? You're willing to have sex with a skunk?" My friends, not only would I sleep with her, I would be willing to get down on one knee and propose marriage. I would gladly give up everything I had to spend the rest of my life with Fifi.