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"What Year Is It?"

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Mia and I met when she was a sophomore in high school and I was a junior. We found great pleasure in whacking others with our braids, freaking people out with our strange singing in the halls, and generally being stupid. One day we decided to strut our stuff in the nearby mall.

While both of our parents were somewhat liberal, they certainly wouldn't have let us out of the house in the clothes we chose for our stunt. We picked out the weirdest clothes we could find. (I wish we'd gotten pictures, but this happened in the days before everyone had a cell phone camera, ya know?) I was wearing a green paisley dress . . . which in itself is not odd, but it was pretty strange-looking when I added the orange tights and fishnet gloves. Mia was wearing something obviously outlandish as well; I wish I could remember exactly. In any case, let it suffice to say we looked totally freakish. We then went in the Gap and asked the salesgirl what year it was. She replied, "I'll have to get back to you on that."

Obviously no one is going to believe you are a lost time traveler no matter what you wear, but it's definitely kind of amusing to make people deal with your apparent insanity. Especially when there's more than one of you and the "victim" is someone who works at a trendy clothing store. More often than not, if you're wearing something VERY odd, people will just assume you came from a play or a convention, but then once you start saying bizarre things too, they just don't know what to do with you. . . .

And now you know a little more about how we amused ourselves during our high school years. Hey, some people took drugs.