[SwankiVY's Shenanigans]

Hacking Norman Hall with Victor the SHO!

[Long Dark Hallway]

This is Norman Hall.

It looks pretty scary . . . at least, to non-building hackers! To me and my friend Victor, nothing looked scary!

Norman Hall is a building on the campus of the University of Florida. Over Christmas break in 1996, I wanted to go and see where my classes for the next semester were going to be. One was in Norman Hall, and I did not know where the room was. One night we set out to explore, and found our way into the building via a door that probably should have been locked.

[Me in a case]

Victor and I played in Norman Hall for way too long. It was amazing fun, believe it or not. Building hacking, in layman's terms, is breaking and entering without the breaking. We explore, touch, get inside of, and see things that we really shouldn't. But no harm done! Right?

[SHO! in a case]

We played with Victor's alien figurines and read the comics, and we took lots of fun photos for our friends. We looked in all the drawers and got into places we shouldn't have been. Observe below; me peeking through an air-conditioning vent.

[Me in the vent!]

I practiced my cartwheels and headstands in Norman Hall. Victor took some pictures of my headstands, but I won't post those here since one was of me before the headstand (my butt) and one was of me coming down from it (nice shot of my crotch). In return, I took pictures of Victor falling down, which I will not post here because I like him too much. He did, however, tie my hair to the door.


One of the rules you should always follow when building hacking is to not break anything, not steal anything, and mostly (unless it's a separate shen), leave things the way you found them! In the Happy Mutant Handbook, which is where I got the term "building hacking" for what I like to do, they say the same thing, and they also suggest riding down to the basement of any office building and seeing if you can find the secret places and do not enters. They also suggest leaving a sign-in to show other hackers you've been there. (By the way, roofs are a great place to building-hack up to!) Me, I was content with just flying around Norman Hall and being silly.

[me flying]