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Honk If You Hate Barney!!

[We do not like Barney.]
My old roomie John with beloved (not) Barney.

Is there anything more creepy than Barney the purple dinosaur?? I certainly don't think so. John, my roomie, and I made a road trip, house-hopping up the Eastern seaboard. We decorated our car merrily with balloon decals and signs on the side saying "Beasts, Beasts!" and "I'm not wearing any pants!" But the most important part was the "Honk if you hate Barney!" sign in the back window. It was accompanied by our beloved beheaded Barney, which I'd received as a birthday present from my roommates that year.

[the car]

Can you see the sign?

We got more honks than we expected. Of course, we weren't sure whether these were because of our sign or because John was driving like a maniac. *grin* All the people we passed thought we were nudists ("I'm not wearing any pants!"), and all the people who passed us thought we were Satanists or wild animal lovers ("Beasts, Beasts!"). Luckily, John had the sense to take off the signs and whatnot before he got into New York City.


Here's me with the car.

The rest of my vacation was fine. Thanks for asking.

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