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This is a collection of shenanigans, pranks, and jokes I've participated in over the years. A large number of them were perpetrated when I was in high school or college, and most of those are just records of stupid crap that kids find funny if you know what I mean. (If you don't, then it's probably been a while since you were in high school and thought running around in a grocery store with your friends playing tag was the height of hilarity.) But some of them are amusing or can be stolen and adapted for your use.

Ordinarily, my criteria for dubbing shenanigans appropriate are the following: they don't get anyone in trouble (usually), they don't hurt anyone or damage anything, and they don't make the victim ferociously angry. Mostly, I like to cause confusion and just freak people out just the slightest bit. It's unbalancing, not scaring or hurting, that I like to do. My pranks are never cruel. I don't think that's fun.

Pranks and shenanigans you can do too:

    [paw] "Bob" Propaganda: If you've never heard of The Church of the SubGenius, there's too much to go into here, but their propaganda is rather fun. This page provides bizarre sticker designs you can print out and use or just look at.

    [paw] Computer Shenanigans: It's always fun to annoy someone by doing something strange to their computer. Here are harmless (except for the annoyance factor) pranks you can play on your co-workers' or roommates' machines. Some are executable programs to download and others are just descriptions of what to do.

    [paw] The Blue Octagon: The Egg has chosen YOU! My friend Jessica and I pioneered this prank, and it has great potential for anyone to adapt and try. This link contains the basics of how to mystify people by putting cryptic messages in plastic eggs and hiding them, and it documents our experience doing so.

    [paw] Supermarket Shen: "Sucks less!" In this prank, you alter the packaging of products in subtle ways. I provide some disturbing labels to download and print/resize for your own use, including some other "Urban Absurdist Survival Kit" labels.

    [paw] The Phantom Whistler: Here is a short instruction manual on how to make a prank out of whistling on a rooftop.

Records of stupid college mischief:

    [paw] Hacking Norman Hall with Victor the SHO!: Sometimes it's fun to go places you're not really supposed to be. "Building Hacking" is a well-known urban sport, but those of us with a sense of adventure do it for fun, not to steal things or damage anything. Check out our adventure.

    [paw] The Mysterious Blue Men: This is a "let's just make people wonder" kind of prank in which my friends and I placed tiny blue men in odd places all over the music building.

    [paw] "Honk If You Hate Barney!" This could be generalized to just about any interest or DISinterest, but my college roomie and I decided to drive up to New York with a "Honk If You Hate Barney" sign in our car window. . . .

    [paw] Girls with Animals! When I was in college, I thought it would be funny to make a page that claimed to be "GIRLS WITH ANIMALS!!!" . . . and it would be just that. Girls with pictures of their animals. Sweet little cute pictures of gals and pets. No, no sex involved. Read about the "prank."

    [paw]The Answering Machine Prank! I got one of my friends pretty good by changing the outgoing message on his answering machine. Since most people no longer have external answering machines you may not find a lot of opportunities to use its wisdom, but it's still a pretty funny story!

    [paw] My Hacking Experience: I'm no hacker, but when my assistance was requested in helping an acquaintance build a Web page, my prankster instinct kicked in. . . .

    [paw] Getting Revenge with the Clapper! Obnoxious roommate plus obnoxious sound-triggered lighting device equals prank time.

Records of stupid high school mischief:

Records of stupid elementary school mischief:

And here's a list of some places you can go to if you want more shenanigan fun!

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