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Recent Significant Life Events

  • 12/25/20: Hosted a Christmas dinner with Mom and two friends.
  • 12/25/20: My friend Brendon died.
  • 11/9/20: Began querying literary agents for my novel Stupid Questions.
  • 11/1/20: My short story "Everyone's Gay in Space" was published in After Dinner Conversation.
  • 10/31/20: Gave out candy alone from my garage for Halloween because of plague.
  • 10/27/20: Did a three-hour livestream on YouTube for Ace Week.
  • 9/27/20: Joined a postcard-writing campaign to encourage votes for Democrats in the Senate.
  • 9/1/20: My job moved to a new office location in Tampa.
  • 7/28/20: Started playing weekly online games with Meghan and some friends.
  • 7/6/20: Joined an app-based diet program to try to lose some weight.
  • 6/9/20: Got invited to play test and promote a Steven Universe card battling game.
  • 5/20/20: Celebrated 15 years of running my webcomic Negative One.
  • 5/19/20: Participated in the first socially distant team interview at my job.
  • 4/26/20: Won Best of Crafts 2020 on Steven Universe Amino.
  • 3/4/20: Got asked to blurb another author's book for the first time.
  • 3/27/20: My favorite show Steven Universe ended its run.
  • 3/16/20: Began working from home because of Covid-19.
  • 2/18/20: Completed my Steven Universe trading card collection.

Most recent writing news

  • Began querying literary agents for novel Stupid Questions.
  • Short story "Everyone's Gay in Space" sold to After Dinner Conversation.
  • Began working on In Bloom, a YA science fiction LGBT romance, during NaNoWriMo.
  • My previously published short piece "Asexual, Aromantic, Parnerless, Childless – And Happy" was included in the Drunk Monkeys Volume 3 anthology.
  • My short story "On the Inside" was published in James Gunn's Ad Astra.
  • I began writing my new novel Ace of Arts.
  • The paperback for my book The Invisible Orientation was released.
  • An article I wrote was republished in Mindbodygreen.
  • New novel finished: Bad Fairy 2.
  • My short story "Her Mother's Child" was published in Kaleidotrope.
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