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Recent Significant Life Events

  • 5/6/24 – 5/10/24: Visited Charlotte for family birthdays.
  • 5/2/24: Got a haircut and had my first hair dye treatment.
  • 2/14/24 – 2/20/24: Sisters visited to help with Mom's house.
  • 1/18/24 – 1/21/24: Birthday visit with Meg.
  • 12/26/23: Threw a cookie party.
  • 12/24/23: Threw a Christmas Eve party with Jeaux and me cooking for Dad and Connie.
  • 12/23/23: Performed a two-hour concert with my band Tides of Time.
  • 11/29/23: Sold my mom's car.
  • 11/23/23: Jeaux and I spent Thanksgiving with my Dad and Connie in Sarasota.
  • 11/20/23: Finally received important paperwork designating me the official administrator of my mother's estate.
  • 11/15/23: Interviewed on Modern Pleasure.
  • 11/7/23: Interviewed on Reimagining Spinsterhood.
  • 10/21/23: Threw a Halloween party.
  • 10/11/23: Interviewed on Flow.
  • 9/16/23: Put on a three-hour performance with the band at Music Compound.
  • 9/5/23–9/12/23: Family visited for Mom's memorial at Eternal Reefs.
  • 7/5/23: My mother died.
  • 6/30/23: Interviewed in The Knot.
  • 3/15/23: Short story "Her Experiment" published.
  • 3/12/23–3/18/23: Rented a vacation house in Davenport with 10 friends.

Most recent writing news

  • Short story "Her Experiment" was published.
  • Short story "Aquarius" was accepted for publication.
  • Short story "Her Experiment" was accepted for publication.
  • Finished writing a short story called "Her Experiment."
  • The Invisible Orientation got a French publishing deal.
  • Began querying literary agents for novel Stupid Questions.
  • Short story "Everyone's Gay in Space" sold to After Dinner Conversation.
  • Began working on In Bloom, a YA science fiction LGBT romance, during NaNoWriMo.
  • The Invisible Orientation was published in Japanese.
  • My previously published short piece "Asexual, Aromantic, Parnerless, Childless – And Happy" was included in the Drunk Monkeys Volume 3 anthology.
  • My short story "On the Inside" was published in James Gunn's Ad Astra.
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