This is a collection of Christmastime 2007, including a party at my mom's and Christmas morning at Mikey's!

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[?]mikeygrowl.jpg: Mikey and I were first to arrive at my mom's for a party, and here in this blurry shot he makes an evil face while petting L's dog.

[?]badminton1.jpg: Mom got a badminton set and Mikey managed to set it up in the backyard with a little help from me. Then we played, but we're not as good at it as we are at tennis.

[?]badminton3.jpg: This is a blurry action shot. I don't recall if this is before or after we managed to lose one of the birdies on the roof though.

[?]volleyball2.jpg: Heather showed up and joined in when we changed to volleyball. Neither of us is very good at volleyball.

[?]heatherjen.jpg: Heather and her friend Jen with party appetizers and a game.

[?]mikeymakindumplins.jpg: Mikey made his special dish of "chicken" and dumplings for us, for the vegetarian option. You can see how thrilled he is!

[?]amberpork.jpg: L's friend Amber is holding L's little dog Pork Chop.

[?]dinnercrowd.jpg: I couldn't really get a very good shot of the group at dinner, but it was a very awesome meal with more variety and more food than any of us could shake a stick at!

[?]dinnercrowd2.jpg: Another not-so-good shot of the group. I tried to even take one where I was at the table, but it didn't turn out.

[?]presents2.jpg: It is a tradition in our family (and probably lots of other people's) to decorate ourselves with present trimmings. My mom is doing so here while she unwraps a present from Mikey. (He got her a Paul Potts CD and a candle thingie.)

[?]presents3.jpg: My mom gave Mikey this lovely custom-made flask with a goddess symbol on it! Made by Mom's neighbor.

[?]mattpet.jpg: Heather's husband Matt is patting Pork Chop while L looks on. The dog is wearing ridiculous clothing.

[?]xmas07mikeyprez.jpg: Now for Christmas morning at Mikey's! Here is the pile of gifts I got for him, all waiting to be unwrapped.

[?]xmas07myprez.jpg: And these are the ones he got for me.

[?]xmas07stockings.jpg: There's our stockings on the wall.

[?]xmas07slippers.jpg: I received this pair of giant sneaker-shaped slippers! They are so warm and comfortable. I love them.

[?]xmas07japanshirt.jpg: Another gift: A tee shirt that says "I Am Big In Japan." Too bad that's a lie.

[?]xmas07lionshirt.jpg: Mikey suggested I might want to only wear this one around the house. It says "So Many Christians, So Few Lions." ::snort::

[?]xmas07ogres.jpg: How cute! I got the baby ogres from Shrek 3 in plushies.

[?]xmas07dvds.jpg: Oh boy, I got movies too. Here I got Saving Private Ryan and Unbreakable.

[?]xmas073002.jpg: Mikey received these two action figures from the movie 300. He had been wanting them for a long time!

[?]xmas07football.jpg: Mikey's kinda been into football lately because of the Patriots--they're his team. So I got him a football. Yay.

[?]xmas07mikeystocking.jpg: Here he is peering in the stocking to see what kind of coal Santa brought him.

[?]xmas07buttbook.jpg: Chicken Soup for the Butt, anyone?

[?]xmas07blocker.jpg: Look, an extremely unconvincing shot of me facing blockers while pretending to run with the football . . . with an extremely ridiculous expression on my face.

[?]xmas07throw.jpg: I like this one (especially since I am wearing my cool slippers)--I'm gonna throw a pass! Though my hand is much too small to handle the ball well. . . .

[?]xmas07running.jpg: No one's gonna tackle ME! Except maybe a fifth grader.

That's it for Christmas. :)