This is a collection of Christmastime 2000, including some friends' visits and New Year's!

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[?]corey02.jpg: This is Corey. He lived with my parents at the time, so of course he was there for the festivities.

[?]decker01.jpg: My dad's parents came to our house for a visit.

[?]decker02.jpg: Dad was happy to see his folks.

[?]decker03.jpg: Here we all are! On the left side, that's Yuichi (the guy sister P was dating), my grandmother, me, sister Lindsay, sister Patricia, Dad, and my grandfather.

[?]dinner01.jpg: Later that night, there was a dinner. There's Corey, Lindsay, Patricia, Yuichi, and Dad helping themselves.

[?]dinner02.jpg: We had Heather (who used to live with my parents) and her younger sister Sam there too, and on my other side is my mom's 'Net friend Bill.

[?]dinner03.jpg: Gotta get the whole table! There's the backs of Yuichi's and Dad's heads, and then you see Heather, Sam, and me (with my mouth full embarrassingly).

[?]dinner04.jpg: Rare shot! Mom almost never sits down, but there she is!

[?]pat&yuichi1.jpg: Yuichi plays piano, you know. Nice pose, guys.

[?]game01.jpg: After the dinner, we all played a group game. Kind of a tradition in our house.

[?]marcia2.jpg: Preparing the Christmas tree. We didn't have Christmas (or, consequently, the decorations) when I was growing up, but my mom wanted to reinstate some of the traditions she remembered from childhood, so . . . Dad didn't mind the tree. :)

[?]marcia3.jpg: Mom knows what she's doing.

[?]marl&lin.jpg: These guys, on the other hand, pretty much don't know how to do a tree.

[?]elfsanta.jpg: I'm not sure what the event was, but my mom and Bill played Santa and a helper elf in some kind of volunteer thing.

[?]marcia.jpg: Mom driving to wherever the event was.

[?]xmas02.jpg: Here's the first of many gift-opening shots. Mom and me.

[?]xmas03.jpg: There's Patricia, Dad, Lindsay, and Yuichi. P is engaging in our family tradition of wearing parts of the gift wrap as a way to enjoy the unwrapping process.

[?]xmas04.jpg: Mom, being silly with a bow on her head, opens a gift of cozy booties delightedly.

[?]xmas05.jpg: Yuichi learns about our stick-the-bow-on-your-head tradition.

[?]xmas06.jpg: Mom, festooned with a bow, trying on another gift.

[?]xmas07.jpg: P opens a gift that looks warm.

[?]xmas08.jpg: The Mama looks awfully serious for being so goofy!

[?]marheath.jpg: Mom with Heather being silly.

[?]marccomp.jpg: Bill really likes to take Mom's picture. Maybe he thought this was a cool shot since this must be what she looked like when she first met him.

[?]m&mnl.jpg: Hanging out in the living room.

[?]mar-ny01.jpg: Have some dip, Mom.

[?]m&mny01.jpg: Don't ask me what was going through their brains, but they look dopey!

[?]m&m01.jpg: My parents were getting their picture snapped by Bill until they were quite tired of it.

[?]m&m02.jpg: Can't you just hear my mom's complaint? "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?? STOP TAKING OUR PICTURE!"

[?]pat&yuichi2.jpg: There's Patricia and Yuichi cooking.