Victor came to visit on October 20, stayed with me until October 24, stayed in a hotel through November 10, and stayed with me again until November 14! During the hotel stay, he visited for my Halloween bash and a few other fun times!

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[?]ivybluesky.jpg: Our first adventure during V's trip was to walk to the local used book store. Here's when we were resting. The sky was very blue.

[?]shoivywaffles.jpg: Here's the morning we made waffles and ate them. They were fantastic!

[?]ivydrawsfairies.jpg: I was getting close to the end of a project where I drew a chapter drawing from my book every day. Here's me drawing fairies.

[?]vdrawscomics.jpg: V was drawing comics while I was drawing fairies.

[?]megandvictornerding.jpg: Meg came over to hang out with me and help with Halloween muffins. We picked up Victor later and they were nerding together.

[?]ivyhalloween2011.jpg: Party day: Here's my costume. I'm kind of a random Renaissance chick.

[?]partysign.jpg: Victor made this sign for my party so people would know which door to knock on and remember to check their parking. :)

[?]vcostume1.jpg: Victor's costume. He's a badass monster hunter. He made a lot of the pieces of this costume.

[?]appetizerfood.jpg: This is what I put out for appetizers. It's the usual, except V made us some tuna dip.

[?]derekvictoroutfits.jpg: I had to get Derek and Victor together because their costumes were both sort of bad-guy-fight-ish. I could totally see them on some kind of special ops team together.

[?]dinnerfood.jpg: I fed people my blonde food again. Macaroni, potatoes, corn, tater tots, couscous. My mom contributed ham and rolls, and Avi brought a root bake. You can see the hot cider back there too.

[?]mandyivyphotobomb1.jpg: I was posing with Mandy, but Victor decided to test out his photobombing skills behind us and found himself to be a natural.

[?]mandyivyphotobomb2.jpg: Victor manages to photobomb us twice and make it hilarious both times.

[?]cardnerds1.jpg: My lingering geeks played a card game that looked really complicated.

[?]cardnerds2.jpg: Here's a view of what they were playing.

[?]yugiohday2.jpg: The next week, Jeaux and Victor played Yu-Gi-Oh! in my living room.

[?]yugiohday22.jpg: Their cards.

[?]yugiohday23.jpg: Jeaux is secretive.

[?]yugiohday24.jpg: And they are playing again on the next Tuesday!

[?]trivialwinner.jpg: Another night, V beat me at Trivial Pursuit.

And then: Drink and Draw at the Globe.

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[?]varenekyyum.jpg: On the last night he stayed with me, I made vareneky, which is cheesy potato dumplings fried in butter. Yum.