Victor visited me for the latter half of January, 2008! We hadn't seen each other since our first meeting in 1996, so this was pretty cool.

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[?]shoivy081.jpg: Our first picture together! (I didn't have a camera that could be set during our first visit, so all our photos were of each other but not together.)

[?]shoivy082.jpg: A second pose, in case the first didn't work well. But I liked them both. :)

[?]teeth1.jpg: Did you know Victor is a werewolf? Lookit the teeth.

[?]teeth2.jpg: Oh crap, he's gonna eat my foot!

[?]coldkids1.jpg: We were huddled under blankets, but I don't know why he is—I'm sure he wasn't actually cold. I was!

[?]coldkids2.jpg: I leaned on him. He is probably warmer than my electric blanket.

[?]pickup1.jpg: Victor's answer to "Hey, can you pick me up?"

[?]pickup2.jpg: Then he hung me upside-down. This is my favorite picture, I think. Notice he is doing this with one hand.

[?]im30.jpg: This was taken on my birthday, January 17. It is my first photograph as a thirty-year-old!

[?]varenekydone.jpg: I asked Victor to browse my recipes page for foods he might like to try while visiting, and my vareneky recipe was one of them. I hadn't been working on the recipe long before I remembered vareneky is A HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS to make. So I thought there needed to be a photograph to preserve the memory before we devoured it.

[?]shojeaux1.jpg: I finally got to introduce Victor to Jeaux after they'd heard about each other for years. They got along well because they are both smart and have similar tastes in entertainment.

[?]shojeaux2.jpg: A different angle, featuring them getting to know each other. I have to preserve the moment you know!

[?]shojeaux3.jpg: I got in the picture too at this point. After this, we went out to eat and to a movie.

[?]sabers1.jpg: Victor bought me a Yoda lightsaber for my birthday present. He also brought his own lightsaber. Jeaux and Victor are dueling with them and having fun.

[?]sabers2.jpg: I left the flash off for the rest of the photos because it looked more impressive.

[?]sabers3.jpg: Nice and blurry! That means there's action.

[?]sabers4.jpg: Just please don't break any of my decorations. XD

[?]sabers5.jpg: I like how the light effect looks here.

[?]sabers6.jpg: I'm beginning to think they're NOT actually duelling to the death!

[?]vwrapping.jpg: Victor wrapped Meghan's presents—Meggie's birthday is only two days after mine, so we usually celebrate together. There was a little paper left over and he asked if I was going to toss it or do something with it. I said I'd just toss it since it was too small to wrap anything with, but as is his usual innovative way, he found a way to make something neat out of it. Victor is very good at finding cool uses for everyday things, but the down side of that practice is that he has to keep everything in packrat fashion. :)

[?]squirmyben1.jpg: Meg, Brendon, and BABY BEN came for our party! Here's the babe havin' a great time.

[?]handkissben.jpg: You can really feel the love. What's more cute and yummy than a baby's hand?

[?]squirmyben2.jpg: He's content to lie around, and I'm content to photograph him.

[?]squirmyben3.jpg: Isn't he just a wiggly rugrat!

[?]squirmyben4.jpg: I love how his face is stationary but his body is all squirmy here.

[?]mikeybenstand.jpg: Mikey came over briefly for some birthday celebration and Ben squishing.

[?]bdaygroup1.jpg: We're all just chillin'. Some of us were having birthday cake!

[?]bdaygroup2.jpg: Here we all are again, but Mikey's flipping off the camera AND giving me bunny ears. I am starting to think more of his pictures feature the bird than not!

[?]squirmyben5.jpg: Oh Ben, you're so much fun.

[?]benkissies.jpg: Uh-oh, the monster doesn't look too happy here. Mommy will make it better!

[?]brenivycranium.jpg: I tried to get a good photo of all of us playing the game Cranium, but I could only get in a good shot of a slice of it: Me and Brendon. Victor and I were on a team against him and Meg, and we ended up winning. Go us!

[?]squirmyben6.jpg: "Daddy, why're you touching my tummy?"

[?]squirmyben7.jpg: "I have the best toes in the world!" Oh wait, this isn't the Ben album? ::ahem:: Back to our regularly scheduled program. . . .

[?]exhausted.jpg: The next day we all went to the flea market, and then Meggie and Bren took Victor to the hotel where he was staying the next eight days. When I got back I was out of energy!

[?]groupgame1.jpg: The next night was a dinner party at my mom's. Before dinner, a bunch of us played board games. First we played Clue and then we played this one, Go To The Head Of The Class. Here's me, Victor, and Heather.

[?]groupgame2.jpg: 'Nother shot of the same.

[?]ambadog.jpg: Here's my sister's friend Amber with the doggie.

[?]hairhat.jpg: My sister Lindsay is quite a quirky girl. One day at work she decided she wanted to make a hat out of her own hair (while it was still attached, of course), and now she is an expert at it. Here she is demonstrating her prowess.

[?]ourdindin.jpg: Mommy made LOTS of great things to eat! Here is the spread. I thought of my absent sister while taking this picture, 'cause she also likes to photograph food.

[?]heatherhatescake.jpg: I made the dessert, which was chocolate marble coffeecake. Heather liked it so much she couldn't stop eating it, but kept denying it; she said it tasted horrible, and then kept eating it. This was her demonstrating how the cake was so terrible it made her want to puke.

[?]readordie.jpg: Victor and Jeaux and I watched Read or Die at my place. Jeaux is fixing his glasses and Victor is giving the bird (guess he caught Mikey's bird-flipping syndrome!), so all told this isn't a great photo, but I still like it.

[?]banhair.jpg: Sunday was spent in Victor's hotel room. He had taken his hair out of the cornrows since the last time I'd seen him, and here's what he came up with.

[?]freedhair.jpg: Oh my god, it's . . . FREE! FREEEEEE!

[?]eyeshieldday1.jpg: The reason I went to V's hotel room that day was that we wanted to have an Eyeshield 21 marathon, and do very little else besides watch the show and eat. We succeeded. (Here we're watching it.)

[?]chinesedelivery2.jpg: We got an Asian restaurant to deliver food to the hotel room! We got both Japanese and Chinese food. I am eating my lo mein with my chopsticks, and he is experiencing his first encounter with edamame.

[?]didntdoit.jpg: This was just a gratuitous photo of the funny shirt I was wearing.

[?]eyeshieldday2.jpg: Still being couch potatoes. Well, we would have been couch potatoes if we'd had a couch.

[?]eyeshieldday3.jpg: Victor, damn you and your bunny ears.

[?]shirleytemple.jpg: Victor made me a shirley temple! Despite the fact that I do look kind of stoned here, yes that WAS a non-alcoholic drink, thank you.

[?]quichegone.jpg: Well, I made a quiche from scratch and we ate the whole thing, but I forgot to take its picture! So here's us after we ate it.

[?]quichegone2.jpg: We're members of the clean plate club!

[?]niceguycooks.jpg: We went to a hibachi place called Kobé one night, and our chef introduced himself as "Mr. Nice Guy." His nametag ACTUALLY SAID THAT!

[?]kobetrio.jpg: That's us after our meal was consumed. It was soooo very good.

[?]favoritegeeks1.jpg: I really don't know why I took this picture; nothing interesting was going on, but I guess I realized this was the last time two of my favorite people were going to be in the same room for possibly a very long time, so I snapped some shots.

[?]favoritegeeks2.jpg: They had been doing funny video-game-related things where they made silly box art illustrations for anagrams of video games (such as "Nerdiest Evil" instead of "Resident Evil").

[?]seepy1.jpg: I was quite tired.

[?]seepy2.jpg: I'm almost out of it, I think.

[?]shepherdspie.jpg: I made shepherd's pie for V's last night there. Vegetarian of course. He didn't seem to mind that it was meatless. :)

[?]spoonopie.jpg: A healthy spoonful for me!

[?]leavingday.jpg: The last photo of us together. I'm dressed silly because I'd just finished playing Dance Dance Revolution.

And that's the end! I don't know when he's coming back, but let's hope it's not another decade!