Victor the Sho, my online friend from MuMu Land, visited my Gainesville college apartment in December 1996!

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[?]gift2.jpg: When Victor arrived, he brought me a gift because he is a nice guy. Here I appear to be sitting there with the present, but it is not in the picture, yet to be opened.

[?]gift.jpg: Here I am opening the present.

[?]jellyb.jpg: It was jellybeans, here I am eating them out of the thermos they came in.

[?]pokehead.jpg: Here is Victor sticking his head out from my bedroom. It looks like he is growing on the wall. :o

[?]sexxy.jpg: And this is a very sexy pose, which of course made me crazy with desire. Well, maybe not.

We then began to play with my hair ornaments.

Here are pictures of me with different hairstyles:

[?] [?] [?] [?]

And here are Victor's poses.

[?] [?] [?]
[?] [?] [?]

We had a trip to Denny's one day. I was very tired at the time and somehow could not keep myself from falling asleep right there in the restaurant! Victor thought that was a perfect opportunity to start snapping shots.

[?] [?] [?]

Contrary to popular belief, I *did* stay awake at least part of that day. . . .

Click for proof.

We ran around in Norman Hall and took a LOT of pictures. We had "hacked" the building (gotten in when we weren't supposed to) and we roamed around and did kewl stuff, here's the record.

[?]case.jpg: This is me inside a display case, being cute.

[?]shocase.jpg: Here's Victor in the same case.

[?]reach.jpg: Here's Victor standing on the Media Center wall.

[?]fly.jpg: Here's me flying off the same wall, for kicks.

[?]invent.jpg: Here's me in the air-conditioning vent, of course.

Here's my attempt at a headstand.

[?] [?] [?]

[?]comic.jpg: I was reading the little comic that came with Victor's Alien figurines.

[?]hugalien.jpg: It's hug-an-alien day!

[?]tied.jpg: Then Sho tied me to the door.

[?]ughtied.jpg: But then I couldn't get out of there.

[?]weight.jpg: I lifted a big weight. . . .

[?]hdsmboy.jpg: Sho leaned against a tree. . . .

[?]spitwawa.jpg: And finally Victor spit a lovely stream of water out of his mouth for the camera. Wouldn't he make a lovely fountain? :)

[?]hydrant.jpg: Here's me standing on a fire hydrant, with a weird hairstyle, in my pajamas.

[?]donut.jpg: Here's me in my pig boxers holding a donut.

[?]bigbear.jpg: Here's me (still in my pig boxers) with a giant teddy bear.

[?]bluetung.jpg: Here's Sho hugging that big teddy bear, and he has a blue tongue from drinking too much blue soda.

'Twas a fun way to spend the "holiday" season, with a Sho visiting my apartment . . . I cannot say one gets visits from Shoz very often. We did other things that are not commemorated here; for instance, we played Pudgy Bunny, did some roof frolicking, watched a *lot* of movies, and ate yum food. We had some other adventures and played around a lot with a video camera, and I found out that Shoz don't sleep. . . .