Phoenix and Las Vegas with Fred July 2004!

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[?]fredpalm.jpg: Fred in his lovely hometown of Phoenix, shortly after I arrived.

[?]v101.jpg: Here's me with some local foliage in the bright sun.

[?]fredhows.jpg: This is me in Fred's abode, giving a little "I'm here!" wave to everyone at home to prove that I arrived safely.

[?]lickcake.jpg: We decided to make a cake. This is me eating leftover batter.

[?]fmelon.jpg: We also decided to have watermelon as a snack. Refreshments such as this are necessary in a place that's a big fat desert!

[?]cofpot.jpg: We decided to go to Sedona on my second day in Phoenix. Halfway there we stopped at this "historical Fred place": The Coffee Pot Restaurant, where they have omelets you can order by the number!

[?]cofpot2.jpg: Their coffee is also very good. You can see that this is me before I had some.

Now just a bunch of pictures of me walking around in the desert trail in Sedona:

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]
sed01.jpg sed02.jpg sed04.jpg sed05.jpg sed07.jpg sed09.jpg sed10.jpg

[?]hichurch.jpg: There was a neat church built right into the rocks in Sedona, and we went to it and looked out at the view.

[?]viuchrch.jpg: The view from the church.

[?]frdchrch.jpg: Now it's Fred's turn to be in a picture.

[?]valishad.jpg: I'm in the shade of the rocks, with a beautiful view behind me.

[?]ironsk.jpg: The Iron Skillet Restaurant (another "historic Fred place"), where Fred took me for lunch on our way driving to Las Vegas!

[?]movestar.jpg: This is me in the hotel room at our Vegas hotel, the Mirage. Don't I look like I'm trying to be a movie star or something? I was just wearing that cape thing because I was freezing.

[?]outcold.jpg: After seeing Penn & Teller that night, Fred crashed pretty hard. I thought it was funny so I snapped it.

[?]sunhat.jpg: We spent the next morning by the pool. This is me before we found a place to sit, in my sundress and hat.

[?]shade.jpg: Here's me once we found a spot to sit in the shade.

[?]frdbathe.jpg: Fred enjoying the sun.

[?]skirty.jpg: In the middle of changing positions, I suppose--you can see my cute skirt thing.

[?]sunwrite.jpg: It's not like I could ever actually let myself take a vacation. Here I'm writing by the pool.

[?]kidswim.jpg: Fred in the kiddie pool!

[?]suity1.jpg: My newest bathing suit on display.

[?]suity2.jpg: Goofy pose after I realized that this was, in fact, a photo shoot.

[?]viu.jpg: The view from our hotel room was wonderful.

[?]quarks.jpg: After the pool and showers, we spent the evening at the Star Trek Experience thing--first we ate in the themed restaurant, Quark's. (I had a hamborger. With no borg.)

[?]voyager.jpg: They take a promotional picture of you when you go do the rides, and then you can get it edited into a photo of one of the Star Trek crews. I chose Voyager 'cause I used to watch it with my college roomies and I know the most about that series. Look, I'm next to Janeway! Hopefully Tuvok won't goose me!

[?]comesit.jpg: This was cute. In a store they had this groovy seat, but don't I look like I want someone to come sit by me?

[?]ok.jpg: Luckily someone offered to take our picture, so we could have both of us in it!

[?]winner1.jpg: Fred had some small winnings at craps. He's wearing my lucky necklace and standing by a camel. . . .

[?]stompddr.jpg: Haven't you seen enough pictures of my ass on this video game?

[?]sherby.jpg: Afterwards we got refreshing ice cream. I had orange sherbet.

[?]suity3.jpg: Next day: Pool again. Me in a different suit, with a different hairdo, writing the same book.

[?]fredrag.jpg: Fred at the pool with a dragon sculpture!

[?]beddy.jpg: We went up to our room and before we took showers I was sitting on the bed like this and it made for a cute picture, I suppose.

[?]nudlface.jpg: We ate at a place called The Noodle Kitchen. I guess Fred is quite happy about it!

[?]fishnudl.jpg: Fred's fishy noodles!

[?]mirgard.jpg: The Mirage had a garden inside that was really pretty, there was bamboo and other cool vegetataion.

[?]vensky2.jpg: At the Venetian Hotel, they had a ceiling painted like a sky. Fred took several photos of it but here's just one.

[?]wedboat.jpg: You can take gondola rides. While we were waiting for ours, we saw a special gondola that is decorated for if you want to get married in the boat! We actually saw someone doing it! This is what the bridal boat looks like.

[?]gondola1.jpg: The other people in our gondola were kind enough to take our picture with the gondolier chick.

[?]gondola2.jpg: And here is the professional photo of us in the boat.

[?]vensing.jpg: We saw these dressed up singers walking around at the Venetian too.

[?]fntn.jpg: Me by a lovely fountain.

[?]fntn2.jpg: A nice one outside too.

[?]fntn3.jpg: We even got both of us by it.

[?]bratwrst.jpg: Fred had a bratwurst and I was kind of fascinated by its disgustingness, so I took this picture.

[?]vegakara.jpg: Finally, karaoke in Vegas. Sorta blurry. I sang Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know."

[?]merm.jpg: These cool mermaids attracted my attention, so I posed sorta like one and had Fred snap it.

[?]buffet2.jpg: The breakfast buffet was one of the best things. Here's us after partaking.

[?]hoov1.jpg: Hoover Dam, baby!

[?]indesign.jpg: They said that at Hoover Dam they have a lot of Native American symbols to honor the tribes of the area.

[?]gener.jpg: Fred with some Dam generators.

[?]woodam.jpg: Woo, it's the Dam! I looked right down into there!

[?]angely3.jpg: There were some really inspiring angel-looking things around. Fred took some of their pictures.

[?]cappy.jpg: They had a star map and stuff, and this is me standing at the zodiac spot of Capricorn.

[?]taury.jpg: And there's Fred on Taurus.

[?]hoov4.jpg: Touristy picture of me at Hoover Dam.

[?]hoov6.jpg: And more of me at the Dam.

[?]1foot1.jpg: There's me at the place where you can put one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona!

[?]1foot2.jpg: Fred did it too!

[?]hiscaler.jpg: A lot of the people who died making this dam had the position of "High Scaler." So this is a monument to them. It's inspiring.

[?]winner2.jpg: We won a handful of quarters in a slot machine. Call it exciting.

Now just a bunch of pictures of the Bellagio's water show:

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?]
bel1.jpg bel4.jpg bel5.jpg bel7.jpg bel9.jpg

[?]hairdoey.jpg: Not exactly interesting, but I had a neat hairdo the day we traveled back to Phoenix, and wanted to document it. God my profile's goofy.

[?]frdbnsai.jpg: Fred's new bonsai tree we got my last day in Phoenix.

There's no pictures from when I got on a plane and went home, but if you're curious that's what I did after this and a night's sleep. Hooray!