My pictures from Las Vegas 1999: 21st Birthday Trip with Dad!

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[?]jubilant.jpg: I was pretty happy to come to Las Vegas!

[?]wildeye.jpg: So was my dad. This is his wild-eyed gamblin' fool look.

[?]hugvase.jpg: When I first got there I was several hours away from being old enough to gamble, so we spent the day kind of looking around . . . here's a giant vase we found somewhere in the hotel.

[?]dadslot.jpg: Dad played the slots a little bit before I was allowed to.

[?]mntecrlo.jpg: Here's our lovely hotel/casino resort! The Monte Carlo. (Well, and my encroaching finger.)

[?]startrek.jpg: Dad and I went to the Star Trek exhibit thingie and ate at Quark's afterwards. It was kind of a space-themed restaurant.

[?]playslot.jpg: Well, I immediately lost $100 in blackjack after turning 21, and after winning some of it back in poker, I stuck to the slots. This is my favorite game, Jacks or Better.

[?]bigslot.jpg: This thing accepts $100 bills. Get me out of here I'm frightened.

[?]hiroller.jpg: This is my dad in his swanky clothes. We went to a karaoke bar (where I sang "Hanky Panky" by Madonna and got my butt spanked by some rude guy) and then we gambled some more.

[?]cokebldg.jpg: Here's a building shaped like a Coke bottle. I took it on my last day in Las Vegas; the day before we didn't really take many pictures because they have rules about what you can photograph in casinos. I spent most of the previous day playing poker and other games, though, and of course eating the lovely buffets.

[?]xcalhotl.jpg: This is the Excalibur hotel, themed after a castle (as you can see) . . . it is (of course) a casino, too, and my dad and I gambled there on our last day in Vegas.

[?]jukeslot.jpg: Did you know they have slot machines even at the airport in Vegas? Here's me in front of a big one that looks like a juke box, with my Monte Carlo hat and my club card, looking like a dork. We were about to leave and we were both exhausted. :)

Well, that's pretty much what my trip was like. We didn't win money . . . actually we lost a bit . . . but we sure had fun. I played poker, the slots, craps, roulette, blackjack . . . I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad I went . . . though I can't say I ever really want to go there and lose my own money. Thanks Dad.