My pictures from my ten-day vacation with Fred, where I saw my mommy, went canoeing, went karaokeing, and played DDR!

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[?]zaxby.jpg: Our first action during our vacation was to eat at Zaxby's. This sign warns against getting addicted to it.

[?]happyju.jpg: There's happy me, with my tiara on.

[?]tiara.jpg: There's a better picture of the tiara, and you can also see my eye-wings better.

[?]bowling.jpg: Our first night together, we went out bowling at Alley Katz. This is my first strike of the night.

[?]picnic1.jpg: We went on a picnic. Here's Fred by an attractive tree.

[?]picnic2.jpg: I like this one better.

[?]deetire.jpg: On our picnic, I tried to climb a tire. (Notice the deedlybobs on my head. They're cute!)

[?]turtle.jpg: There is an apartment in my complex whose renters own an outdoor turtle. I didn't know this, but Fred found it and photographed it.

[?]ddrday1t.jpg: Look, I'm going to town on the DDR machine.

[?]ddrfred.jpg: Fred's going to town too. Maybe not town, actually, more like a small settlement . . . but it's his first time! Cut him slack! Hehe.

[?]107.jpg: Here's me in front of my apartment.

[?]ddrday2.jpg: More DDR. I think he's addicted. . . .

[?]shrocook.jpg: Fred's making mushrooms.

[?]feast1.jpg: We had Morningstar Grillers, potato bread, and mushrooms!

[?]cinnbuns.jpg: We made cinnamon buns for Aubrey at work, who was leaving. We made some for us, too, but used allspice because cinnamon doesn't agree with either of us.

[?]ddrday3.jpg: I never stop, do I? Lookit my pig boxers.

[?]b4canoe1.jpg: Fred and me right before we took off down the river!

[?]gator5.jpg: It's a gator we saw on the river!

[?]gator7.jpg: This is another gator. Actually I took a bunch of shots of gators but not all of them are that interesting so I just put the two best ones.

[?]canbreak.jpg: We ran the canoe onto the bank on purpose so we could have a picnic. This is me and my mommy relaxing.

[?]honkin.jpg: This is what my mom described as the "big honkin' tree" that we used as our landmark to find the picnic place. (It was pretty honkin'.)

[?]majucanu.jpg: We're shoving off to paddle the rest of the trip; me and Mommy in the canoe.

[?]scene3.jpg: There was some awesome scenery on the Hillsborough River! Lookit how the reflections are in the water.

[?]scene5.jpg: A pretty bird in a picturesque scene!

[?]scene7.jpg: WOW. Look at that reflection. It totally bowled me over, I'm glad the quality translated to digital format.

[?]wildchik.jpg: At the end of our trip, we spotted this WILD CHICKEN. Also known as gator food. Heh.

[?]beergrup.jpg: I met my friends at Beer Belly's, where some came for the beer and some came for the karaoke. (Guess which reason was mine?) Here we have me, Phil, Steve, and Meghan.

[?]beergrp2.jpg: Same people as above except now you can see Ammy. We're trying to decide what to sing. (Steve is only concerned with getting shitfaced. Which he did well.)

[?]beergrp3.jpg: Ammy, me, and Phil. Probably saying or doing something lame.

[?]lickdrnk.jpg: For some reason this is what my mom did when her picture was taken at the karaoke place.

[?]beeram.jpg: It's Ammy singing karaoke.

[?]beerfre1.jpg: Fred's turn to sing!

[?]beerfre2.jpg: It was so special that I had to have two pictures. :)

[?]beerju1.jpg: Here's me singing karaoke, from far away.

[?]beermeg.jpg: Meghan's turn to sing! She is a doll.

[?]beerphil.jpg: Phil's turn. My mom forbade him to sing the song "Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls" this time, so he ended up singing Adam Sandler's "Ode to My Car." Just as raunchy. You can tell from his hand gesture.

[?]4everbox.jpg: I'm going through the memory boxes at my mom's house.

[?]sis2003.jpg: There's me and my baby sister L, posing for the camera. (Damn, she's tall.)

[?]babypork.jpg: Here's me and my sister with her cute-but-freaky-looking chihuahua, Pork Chop.

[?]pork.jpg: The dog being cute. (But how can she help it?)

[?]porkturn.jpg: She does this cute thing where she stands on her hind legs and actually turns around if you bribe her with a treat, like my mom's doing here.