My pictures from my summer 2002 vacation with Fred, including days in Gainesville, a camping trip in Plant City, and a visit with my mom!

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[?]fredohki.jpg:We begin our vacation by hanging out at my apartment a few days. Here is Fred hanging out with my Ryo-Ohki stuffed animal.

[?]silvdres.jpg:During some of our adventures having fun and going out, I wore this neat silver dress. It was worthy of a picture.

[?]hangfred.jpg:Of course, the string of the silver dress came out and strangled Fred.

[?]lilchar1.jpg:At Wal-Mart they sell these awesome chairs that are perfect for people my size! Fred has photographed me sitting in one here.

[?]lilchar2.jpg:And here too.

[?]fredhat.jpg:Sometimes just hanging out can get tiring.

[?]hoes.jpg:On the day we were to camp, we stopped in Tampa to get some supplies at my mom's and then we visited Meggie. We all went shopping and out to eat.

[?]metent.jpg:We got to the campsite before dusk and managed to set up our tent. Here's me inside it!

[?]hopitent.jpg:Fred is sitting in front of the tent after we've got it all set up, wearing his "Don't Worry, Be Hopi" shirt.

[?]randog.jpg:Fred also photographed me sitting in front of the tent, and the random dog ran into the picture too. (The dog belonged to the owners of the land.)

[?]campsit.jpg:The next day, we got out of the tent and sat around for a few hours. Here is me, newly awake and already being baked by the sun.

[?]fredmeal.jpg:Fred makes a meal of canned pears.

[?]fredcat.jpg:Most of the day we just hung out with other campers and the kids of the people who own All World Acres. We played chess, cooked, had a bonfire, a potluck, a drum circle . . . and played with the cats.

[?]ketch.jpg:We also played a fair amount of cards. I taught a girl how to play several kinds of solitaire and another game, and when things got boring I built a card house and put a ketchup bottle on top. It stayed up 'cause I'm just so good at that.

[?]rainsuit.jpg:We went back to Tampa in the morning and met up with my good friend and old college roomie, Ammy. While we were in the process of picking her up, her aunts and cousins came in, and one of her cousins got excited at the prospect of showing us her pet chicken. Then we all went to the beach, but kind of got rained out. This is us standing under the hatch of the SUV, hoping the rain will let up and allow us on the beach again. (It didn't.)

[?]babepost.jpg:After we'd gotten changed back to regular clothes, we went to the Tampa Pitcher Show for dinner and a movie--at the same time! Here is Ammy and me pretending we think we're hot stuff, sitting on the car.

[?]momgard.jpg:After all that, we went back to my mom's house and stayed with her. Here is me the next day, standing in her garden thingie.

[?]fredsnak.jpg:Here's Fred with my mom's stuffed eel. I think it's an eel anyway.

After Fred left, I stayed with my mom for several days and sewed a dress and watched videos and ate good food and stuff. There are no pictures of that because Fred is the one with the camera. Oh well!