Pictures with Blink and Rowan from Summer '97!!!

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[?]car.jpg: John standing on TAH, his car. Observe the Barney head.

[?]brmetro.jpg: Blink and Rowan on the Metro in D.C.

[?]brmerry.jpg: Blink and Rowan on the merry-go-round!

[?]babeswnk.jpg: Me being a babe on a car.

[?]babero.jpg: Rowan being a babe on the car.

[?]babeblnk.jpg: Blink being a babe, on a car of course.

[?]sbmetro.jpg: Blink and me on the Metro.

[?]icecream.jpg: Blink and Rowan and me eating ice cream.

[?]kandb.jpg: Blink and kiRa from Mu, being cute.

[?]kandk.jpg: Keener and kiRa. Keener is the founder of MuMu Land, which is the talker where I met Blink and Rowan.

[?]kiss.jpg: Here they are again. Aren't they cute?

[?]byerow.jpg: Me sadly saying goodbye to Rowan before leaving to go back home.

I also must say, for the record, that sharing a car with John for hours is an interesting experience. If you ever want to be overloaded by a big fag singing show tunes all the way up the Eastern seaboard . . . yeah. (And yes, "fag" is my term of endearment for him, so take your accusations of gay-bashing elsewhere. You should hear the stuff HE calls ME!)