I spent Spring Break 2000 hanging out in Gainesville with my friend Fred!

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[?]mailbox.jpg: Here is when Fred first arrived, and took a picture of me sitting by the mailbox I made for the first graders at my internship to give me valentines. :)

[?]bolero1.jpg: This is the next day. I was playing with a toy where you try to get the heavy thing to swing up and land on the peg. I had just won it here.

[?]bolero2.jpg: Here is Fred, exceedingly happy that he had finally managed to win with the toy. :)

[?]dacar.jpg: We went to the store to get some ingredients for our cooking exploits. This is me outside Fred's car--the one he drove from California to Michigan (school) and later down to Florida to visit me!

[?]eggaway.jpg: I'm putting away the eggs. Thrilling, innit?

[?]icook1.jpg: We are preparing to cook honey cakes. Here is me with tools of the trade.

[?]icook2.jpg: I guess I'm preparing the honey here.

[?]fcook1.jpg: Here is Fred cooking up the batter and frying the honey cakes!

[?]honey1.jpg: Me with the finished honey cakes!

[?]fplay.jpg: Fred developed a hobby of playing my keyboard while at my house. Here is him doing so.

[?]bigbat.jpg: Here's me with a big blow-up bat with which I was preparing to smack Fred, probably.

[?]fredbike.jpg: Here's Fred riding a bike to the picnic we were going to have.

[?]iwall1.jpg: We had our picnic on a roof; here is me on the wall that is around the outside of the roof.

[?]iwall2.jpg: And here's me on the wall again, because Fred seems to be camera-happy.

[?]fpicnic.jpg: There's Fred enjoying the food of the picnic.

[?]ipicnic.jpg: There's me, also picnicking.

[?]whistler.jpg: After lunch we played my game, The Phantom Whistler. On a second-story roof, I whistle and then see if the people on the ground figure out where the sound is coming from.

[?]marks.jpg: These are some people we photographed who were walking by while I was whistling. Hehe!

[?]populat1.jpg: There's me populating! Another one of my pranks: I made little men out of clay and give them roof-pebble heads, and place them all over the music building in a mini-men invasion.

[?]populat2.jpg: Fred helped. :)

[?]lpreznts.jpg: We went to my parents' house to visit my sister on her birthday. Here's my sister Lindsay, me, and my dad, while she opened her presents.

[?]mooncard.jpg: Fred and I gave Lindsay a card with a cute moon on it. She apparently liked it. (I hope.)

[?]cutcake.jpg: Linds cutting her cake that we brought.

[?]bundog.jpg: My mom putting bunny ears on her dog Charlie. For some reason she has taken great pains to hide her face from this picture.

[?]yardpot.jpg: This beautiful pot thing was in my parents' front yard. I liked it.

[?]dadpiano.jpg: Dad and I played some duets like old times.

[?]catband.jpg: Here's me with my little cat ears headband on. Look! I'm from Josie and the Pussycats!

[?]shelf.jpg: When we got back to Gainesville, we visited some shops. I like Books Inc.

[?]grits.jpg: Fred had never had "grits" before, as it is sort of a Southern food. He had ordered some in the restaurant but we didn't have the camera then. Here's our memory of his experience with grits.

[?]naners.jpg: Me in the store with bananas, and a Chiquita sticker on my head!

[?]chezcake.jpg: At Mother Earth they had these cool cheesecakes. Fred stocked up.

And that's about it! My Spring Break. :)