Pictures with Blink and Rowan from Spring Break '97--Six Flags and other fun!

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[?]hatz.jpg: Rowan and Blink and me at Six Flags in cool hats. :)

[?]ivrobump.jpg: Rowan and me on the bumper cars. :)

ivymar.jpg: Me with Marvin the Martian.

ivysbear.jpg: Me with the bear I won in the toss-the-ball-into-the-cup game. I rule at that. (Duh.)

[?]limpjack.jpg: Blink and our special friend Limp Jack.

[?]roandivy.jpg: I'm sorry, but Rowan and I are just way too cute.

[?]rodrivin.jpg: The Rowan with my tiara, drivin' the van.

[?]roivhors.jpg: Rowan and me on the merry-go-round. :)

[?]rosyblnk.jpg: This is Rowan, Blink, and Sycotic.

[?]roivroof.jpg: Row-Row and me on the roof of my apartment.

[?]rowangel.jpg: Rowan is soooo cute here!

[?]heeyull.jpg: We went to Six Flags in GA, and there, a hill is a "heeyull." Here's us going up one.

[?]srib.jpg: Sycotic, Rowan, me, and Blink, in that order.

[?]we3.jpg: This is Blinky and Rowan and me. :) We rock.

[?]3roof.jpg: Blink and Rowan and me on the roof of the UMA.

This is all the pictures for here . . . we had a lot of fun at Six Flags and picnicking on rooftops, partying in Denny's, and wiping bugs off the van's windshield. May we do it all again someday. :)