My mom and I visited San Francisco for New Year's 2014--and visited my sister Patricia, brother-in-law Yusuke, and NEW NEPHEW BABY ASH!

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planeselfie.jpg: I'm on the plane to San Francisco.

planeview1.jpg: What are these weird circles on the ground below the plane?

planeview2.jpg: Interesting view . . . SNOW!

planeview3.jpg: Flying over MOUNTAINS!

airbnb1.jpg: Here I am on the bed in the rental home we stayed at in San Francisco.

airbnb2.jpg: Here I am in the bedroom in the rental home we stayed at in San Francisco.

airbnb3.jpg: Mom and I are chillin' on the couch of the rental home in the living room.

grandmaash1.jpg: My sister and her husband brought the baby over right after we got there, and my mom, now a grandmother, got to hold her grandson Ash for the first time.

grandmaash2.jpg: She just had to kiss his little feet.

grandmaash3.jpg: And she just loves his tiny hands.

ashcutehands.jpg: Just look at my adorable nephew's little fingers!

sweetlittlefeet.jpg: Little baby Ash has sweet little feet.

momflower.jpg: The next day, my mom and I took a walk to the bus stop and saw these flowers.

pillowbabe.jpg: At my sister's apartment, Baby Ash is chillin' on a pillow with his mommy.

holdingnephew.jpg: My first photo of me holding my baby nephew. He was thirteen days old.

handandfoot.jpg: These are the clay impressions of Ash's hand and foot, as a newborn memento.

grandmaash4.jpg: Mommy cuddles her grandson.

grandmaash5.jpg: Look how much she loves him!

yusukeashcuddle.jpg: Yusuke is cuddling his son.

pillowbabe2.jpg: Little cutie's taking a nap on this pillow on his mommy's lap.

footinmyhand.jpg: I had Ash's little foot in my hand.

grandmaash6.jpg: Mommy's playing with Ash, who's being very alert!

alertbaby.jpg: Here's Ash being alert and looking around but not fussing!

grandmaashyawn.jpg: My mom is interacting with her little grandson.

alertbaby2.jpg: He's just a bucket of cute.

cookieselfie.jpg: I made caramel cookies at my sister's house. They were good.

rentbackyard1.jpg: The backyard at our rental house was pretty cool.

rentbackyard2.jpg: I didn't spend much time in the backyard, but my mom smoked out here.

rentbackyard3.jpg: Another view of the backyard. And me.

feeddaddy.jpg: I thought it was cute that my sister was feeding Yusuke as he was holding the baby.

makineggs.jpg: I made breakfast for dinner for the crew!

ashsnooze.jpg: Little baby needs his shut-eye!

daddyshhh.jpg: Yusuke is very good at calming the baby by holding him sideways and making a whisper sound. He almost always quiets right down!

grandmadance1.jpg: Mommy was dancing with her grandson!

grandmadance2.jpg: I love how Ash looks at her like she's being a huge goofball.

ashfunnylook.jpg: "Is that a joke? I don't get it!"

moodybaby.jpg: "I just don't see what's so interesting about me. I'm just lying here."

cafejazz.jpg: Mommy, Yusuke, Patricia, Ash, and I went to a café and listened to a cool saxophone/piano duet. Ash didn't fuss about it at all.

cuddlebugs.jpg: My sister and her husband and son are all cuddly.

swinger.jpg: The baby is in his swingie-thingie!

planeselfie2.jpg: I am fond of airplane selfies. Here I am on my way back to Tampa!