San Francisco trip December 2010--Visiting Patricia and Yusuke with Mom!

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Mom and I flew to California to see my sister. It was originally supposed to be a Mother's Day present for her, but we had to rearrange it due to some health issues. Finally we got to take the trip, though unfortunately it was also COLD!

My mom liked the scenery, and took some photos of the sights as we drove around:

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[?]breakfast1.jpg: One of the fun things we did together was have brunch in a local restaurant. Here's Mom, Patricia, and Yusuke.

[?]breakfast3.jpg: Another breakfast shot, except I'm in the picture and Yusuke is taking it.

[?]alcatraz.jpg: We went sightseeing a bit and Patricia, Mom, and Yusuke were looking out over the water at Alcatraz.

[?]foggyview3.jpg: It was a really foggy view that day.

[?]alcatraz2.jpg: Here you can see a good shot of the prison.

[?]goldengate1.jpg: Yay, Golden Gate Bridge.

[?]goldengate2.jpg: There we are with it.

[?]buyingtree.jpg: Patricia and Yusuke decided to get a Christmas tree for their place. It's a small tree and this is them about to buy it.

[?]pinkbearontree1.jpg: But she's never had a Christmas tree before, so she's not really sure what to put on it. . . .

[?]pinkbearontree2.jpg: Think this is a good decoration?

[?]openhand.jpg: Another thing we did while visiting was volunteer at Project Open Hand. My sister does a shift there every week and my mom and I joined in during our visit. We chopped mushrooms and peeled carrots for about three hours as part of a charity food program, and then we got a free meal afterwards. :)

[?]garlanded.jpg: To help with the decorations, I finger-knitted a bunch of yarn into a garland for the tree. But before we put it on, Patricia decided to see what it looked like on me first.

[?]garlanding1.jpg: Here's P putting the garland where it belongs.

[?]garlanding2.jpg: Looks nice!

[?]pzoltar.jpg: We went out to a pier thing to see the seals and check out the shops, and P decided to play the Zoltar fortune-telling machine.

[?]icecreamtree2.jpg: There was a big Christmas tree in the middle of everything. Here's me, Mom, and Yusuke posing with it, with our ice cream.

[?]icecreamtree.jpg: Similar shot except now Patricia is in the shot.

[?]housecollection.jpg: While driving around, we saw some pretty cool street layouts. Look at all those houses.

[?]curvystreet.jpg: Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world!

[?]ornaments1.jpg: The quest to decorate the tree continues! We had Patricia's friends Amber and Kyle over, and they brought surprise ornaments. Yusuke was excited.

[?]ornaments2.jpg: Here he is happily decorating the tree.

[?]ornaments3.jpg: Kyle is helping fix the lights.

[?]ambergarland.jpg: There was also this silver garland thing, and Kyle appears to think Amber needed to be decorated with it. She doesn't look too amused.

[?]garlanding3.jpg: They sure were having fun though.

[?]pyfirsttree.jpg: Here they are showing off their first tree. (They were not attempting to look like robots, but somehow they look mechanical. . . . )

[?]kafirsttree.jpg: Kyle and Amber posing with the tree as well.

And on the way back we got a few pictures of the Rocky Mountains and a desert:

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