Ronni and Adam got married on July 27, 2008! I was there to be a bridesmaid and to have a li'l visit. These are mostly photos of the wedding day and the surrounding Chicago festivities.

So far, you can see other collections from this lovely event at the following places:

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[?]RONNIivy!.jpg: This is a borrowed photo from Ronni's collection; here's me having recently landed at Midway, about to get on a train! Wow, Chicago trains!

[?]RONNIivyandme!.jpg: This is another borrowed photo from Ronni's collection; it's Ronni and me at the station. We have a history of taking pictures of ourselves by holding the camera out, and she is still quite good at it!

[?]hangintough.jpg: Ronni had just ordered an old remix CD of New Kids on the Block, and it had come in. She was really, really happy and started doing the New Kids Dance. (Adam was also sorta participating in this, and after this we watched him drop it like it's hot--well, warm at least.)

[?]salernosgroup.jpg: We ate at a lovely restaurant that night. Its name is Salerno's. I attempted to take a picture of the crowd, but Adam's mom got missed and the back of Cassidy's head was quite a focus. But you can see me, Adam, Ronni, and Adam's dad. :)

[?]RONNIivy!2.jpg: This is another borrowed photo from Ronni's collection; here's me warming my hands over the pizza, because I am a Floridian wuss.

[?]phoningmommy.jpg: Ronni's mommy couldn't come to the wedding, but here's Ronni talking to her dear mom on the phone.

[?]aidansgames.jpg: Ronni's son Aidan loves to play computer games! I thought he was cute, so I snapped this.

[?]RONNIivy!4.jpg: This is a borrowed photo from Ronni's collection; we decided to go meet up with Kelly and Garth, who were in town for the event, and then we were planning to go meet up with Jen. We had to first catch a bus, though. Here's me and Aidan chilling on the bus bench.

[?]RONNIivy!3.jpg: Another borrowed photo Ronni took of me while waiting for the bus. It's amazing how fast the time can pass when you snap photos. :)

[?]pompomhead.jpg: During our wait for the bus, Aidan got silly and did this.

[?]RONNIit'sme!.jpg: And THIS is what happens when Mommy gets bored while waiting for buses; yay self-portraits! (Isn't she cute? Ahh, and this is a borrowed photo also. She took it herself.)

[?]ronniwaffle.jpg: Shortly after meeting up with Garth, Kelly, and Jen, we hit a diner which had GREAT food. This is miss Ronica with her WAFFLE, which kicks most other waffles' asses.

[?]jenskillet.jpg: I made it my duty to photograph everyone with their food. Jen had a cool skillet thing, though this was only the first of a two-course meal. . . .

[?]garthsammich.jpg: Garth is having a sandwich. He seems pleased about it.

[?]aidanoatmeal.jpg: Aidan had OATMEAL! Here he is adding fake sugar.

[?]kellysfruit.jpg: Look at the size of this fruit tray for Kelly! She didn't eat all of it. Aidan and I ate most of her grapes.

[?]attemptedfoodgroup.jpg: I didn't manage to have someone take MY picture with my veggie burger, but I did attempt to photograph the group, which is always a crap shoot. Here we have . . . well, parts of some of us.

Now for the good stuff: THE WEDDING DAY!

[?]aidanssleeves.jpg: Aidan's dad, Chris, is attempting to roll up Aidan's sleeves. Aidan insisted later he wanted them down, because if his were rolled up, he'd look too much like Adam and then Mommy wouldn't be able to tell them apart!

[?]gangstawedding.jpg: Kelly was one of the main photographers for the wedding. She is photographing Ronni and Adam about to get married gangsta style.

[?]RONNIronni&ivy.jpg: Look, it's me and Ronni getting our picture taken. From Ronni's collection!

[?]RONNIronni&jen.jpg: Jen had a photo taken with Ronni too. This is from Ronni's collection.

[?]bridetakingpictures.jpg: We rode the Weird Chicago bus that Adam uses to do his ghost tour thingies, so we had a short bus to take us to the wedding. :D Ronni is on the bus here taking pictures of others.

Since I was in the bridal party, a lot of the following photos ended up having to be swiped from other people to show you the full effect of the day; I couldn't really take pictures while I was participating in the wedding party and posing for cute pictures and whatnot. :) Some of the pictures here were taken by people holding Ronni's or other people's cameras, and some were taken by Chris and thrown into Ronni's collection, so they're a bit mixed up.

[?]RONNIceremony3.jpg: Here's the wedding party: You can see the three bridesmaids (me, Cassidy, and Jen), then Ronni, then Adam, and Adam's groomsman Mike (right?). You can also see Ken, the officiator, and of course, who could forget little Aidan, who did a great job as ringbearer! From Ronni's collection.

[?]JENthegang'sallhere.jpg: From Jen's collection comes this photo of the whole wedding party.

[?]RONNIceremony4.jpg: Ken was training Aidan on what to do with the rings when it was time. From Ronni's collection.

[?]RONNIceremony6.jpg: Adam and Ronni exchange rings. From Ronni's collection.

[?]RONNIceremony7.jpg: Had to have at least one kiss in my album! They are now pronounced married by a guy whose authority comes from the State of Illinois, the United States, and the Jedi Council. (Really, that's what he said!) From Ronni's collection.

[?]RONNIceremony11.jpg: And Adam and Ronni take a walk as husband and wife. This is from Ronni's collection too.

[?]JENprettymaidsallinarow.jpg: This is from Jen's collection, of us bridesmaids being lovely next to the bride.

[?]coupleinthewater.jpg: I got back into photo snapping after the ceremony itself was over; I got this one of the couple standing in the lake.

[?]throwherin.jpg: I wonder if she would have been annoyed at getting thrown into the lake on her wedding day? Luckily, he didn't actually do it. :)

[?]mydressiswet.jpg: "Uh-oh, my dress got wet." That's what happens when you frolic around being silly, sillies!

[?]kissbythewater.jpg: Don't they look so in love?

[?]JENakissonthewaterfront.jpg: All right, so we need more than one kissing shot in this album. :) Jen photographed this.

[?]JENthedeclaration.jpg: Jen took this beautiful photo of Adam doodling a heart in the sand at Ronni's feet.

[?]newlywedstroll.jpg: A beautiful little walk. Such a picturesque couple, eh?

[?]kenadamronniflowers.jpg: There was some official stuff to do, involving witness-signing and marriage certificates, signed right there at the beach. They've got an envelope of important stuff while sitting around with Ken being awesome.

[?]RONNIprettyivy.jpg: A borrowed photo from Ronni's collection shows me with my flowers.

[?]sunnycouple.jpg: Everyone and their mom took this shot when it happened, but on the walk back to our Weird Chicago bus, Ronni and Adam posed in front of this beautiful under-bridge mural.

[?]sunnyhandholdingcouple.jpg: Well, it really was gorgeous, so I had to get it more than once. . . .

[?]sunnyhandholdingcouplelook.jpg: Okay, one more. They seem to be exchanging a meaningful look. Perhaps it means "I love you." Perhaps it means "I hope they leave off taking pictures of us soon so we can go eat!"

[?]adamsyarmulke.jpg: When it was pointed out that Adam had not been wearing a yarmulke to keep with Jewish traditions, we ended up coming up with this solution. It is a piece of paper towel clipped into his hair. It actually looks more like a veil, I think. We never did get a photo of them jumping a broom like we wanted to, though.

[?]adamsyarmulke2.jpg: I think he looks lovely with his makeshift kippah, don't you?

[?]aidancuddles.jpg: Aidan got pretty lovey with his mommy while on the long bus ride to the restaurant.

[?]RONNIcuddlewuddle.jpg: He's really an affectionate little boy. And he was so tired. This one's from Ronni's collection.

[?]RONNIsleepyaidanandbride.jpg: Aww, the bride snuggles her son. From Ronni's collection.

[?]RONNIivy.jpg: A borrowed photo from Ronni's collection; here's me on the bus with my flowers, awaiting the next stop.

[?]partyfromabove.jpg: At the Eleven City Diner, we had a post-wedding celebration, but our party of nineteen people was a bit too large to seat us all together. I was seated with my party of five upstairs, while the bride and groom and Adam's parents, grandma, and sister were seated downstairs. I attempted to photograph them from above, but the picture isn't very good. :)

[?]RONNIweddinggirls.jpg: Ronni and Adam had to make the rounds because of getting separated from us. Here she is coming up to the table where Jen and I were seated, taking a photo with two of her bridesmaids. From Ronni's collection.

[?]weddingcake.jpg: They got a surprise wedding cake! Lovely, yes?

[?]cakecutting.jpg: The historic cutting of the cake. . . .

[?]cakefeeding.jpg: And they feed each other without slopping too much or being bad little married people and smushing the cake on each other. . . .

At this point there aren't any more wedding-related photos, but there are a few more here of my continued adventures and the trip back. . . .

[?]fagandfaghag.jpg: Since Ronni and Adam were going to be scurrying off to their newlywed bliss, I decided to go out and meet my old college roomie John, who happened to be in town producing a show. I took a cab over to Boystown and met him, and we ended up in a bar or something watching clips of show tunes and singing along with the (mostly male) group. I tried to photograph us at close range, but I was a genius and covered the flash with my finger, so we got really weird light and a terrible photo. :)

[?]collegeroomies.jpg: Well, here we are in better light, outdoors eating breakfast for dinner.

[?]sleepyivytaxi.jpg: Dear Lord. This was the next morning: Me in a taxi on my way to the airport. I was DEAD tired because after coming home relatively early the night before I ended up talking all night with Deborah (whom Ronni and Adam brought in to watch Aidan that night), and I'm lucky I got out to the curb without falling asleep standing up. . . .

[?]ivytampaplane2.jpg: And it's me on a plane back to nice warm rainy humid bug-infested Florida.

I'll be sure to link this page to other wedding-related photo collections as I become aware of them!