I went to Ohio to see my wonderful 'Net pal Ronni!

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[?]metroc.jpg: Metropolitan Bakery and Café--this is where Jeaux took me for a scrambled egg bagel before hopping on the bus!

[?]gobus.jpg: There's me at the Gainesville Bus Station. There's no other bus pictures because I was told it'd be a bad idea to take the camera out on the bus.

[?]bobev1.jpg: Once I got to Ohio, Ronni and Chris took me to Bob Evans for breakfast! This is me and Ronni looking stripey from the window.

[?]bobev2.jpg: That's me lookin' sleepy.

[?]bobev3.jpg: And their son Aidan is very cute with his sippy cup, awaiting M&M pancakes to throw around.

[?]bobev4.jpg: Ronni's a sweetheart. ;)

[?]utensils.jpg: Aidan has big old silverware. . . .

[?]bub1.jpg: Ronni and her little boy playing bubbles.

[?]bub2.jpg: Cute little Aidan with his bubbles!!! I swear half the pictures I took were of this little guy. . . .

[?]awagon.jpg: We went to Amish country the next day and here's an Amish wagon. They were just goin' down the street.

[?]bigcho1.jpg: I was so excited by the giant chocolate bars they had in this Amish store!

[?]bigcho2.jpg: They had white chocolate too. Aidan and Chris thought it was neat.

[?]chizweel.jpg: And giant cheese wheels! GIANT CHEESE WHEELS!

[?]chiz2.jpg: Just another picture of me with the cheese wheel.

[?]rwa1.jpg: Ronni with Aidan outside when we were wandering around the shops.

[?]joshkell.jpg: Josh and Kelly, Chris's brother and his wife, came with us. This is in the café where I had a grilled sammich.

[?]gadget.jpg: We found a kitchen gadget store and I went crazy.

[?]tlite.jpg: Ronni and I found a traffic light.

[?]niceeyes.jpg: I took Aidan's picture close-up in the carseat, because he is so cute.

[?]likedad.jpg: Chris had stuck his finger in this fountain and made it squirt. So Aidan tried to copy him. Following this, he soaked himself.

[?]nicehair.jpg: He fell asleep and I had to take a picture of the fantabulous curly hair. He's going to hate it when he's older, until girls want to touch it. Once he's past the cooties stage anyway.

[?]wagsign.jpg: There was an Amish buggy caution sign!

Pictures of Aidan wearing REALLY BIG SHOES:

[?] [?] [?] [?]
bigshoe1.jpg bigshoe2.jpg bigshoe3.jpg bigshoe4.jpg

[?]ronmatt.jpg: We went to a party that night and had a yummy dinner. This is Ronni at the table with her friend called Mr. Matt.

[?]mattbear.jpg: The next day we went to a combined church service at an amphitheater--it was a special event--and this is Mr. Matt in a bear suit welcoming people. I tried to get Aidan with him but I missed it.

[?]fups.jpg: We thought it was amusing that there was a bumper sticker that says "The F-ups" on the back of this seat.

[?]aidance.jpg: Aidan got a little jiggy wit it.

[?]selfypic.jpg: All told, NOT the best picture of me. We're together though! At the service, still!

[?]abengrls.jpg: This is Ronni's friend Abe and some of the girls we ate with after the service. Abe doesn't like me because I suggested people might have voted him "not" on hotornot.com .

[?]kelronni.jpg: The sisters! Ronni with Kelly at a little family reunion for Chris's people, where we all stuffed ourselves stupid. Yay lemon cake!

[?]chrisfam.jpg: I realized I didn't really have any pics of Chris, so I took one of him walking around at the reunion.

[?]ronnihay.jpg: We made yummies at Chad and Christy's later. I think Ronni liked the apple bread.

[?]chrisyum.jpg: Chris stuffed his face with it also.

[?]mxc1.jpg: Aidan has a new favorite show!

[?]mxc2.jpg: Most extreme challenge!

[?]aidanest.jpg: Aidan made himself a nest. . . .

[?]coldivy.jpg: I think the Ohio crew thought it was funny that I was always freezing.

[?]chad.jpg: Chad is giving the camera a seriously psycho look.

[?]runsippy.jpg: Aidan's running with his sippy cup.

[?]rcalzone.jpg: Here Ronni's fixing her pepperoni calzone!

[?]makecal.jpg: My turn!

[?]covered.jpg: I think this has got to be one of my favorite pictures of Aidan. He is absolutely covered in spaghetti sauce.

[?]glcookis.jpg: Here's the lemon cookies I made after the dinner.

[?]surtable.jpg: Sur La Table, the kitchen gadget store!

[?]ddrwomp.jpg: I played DDR, and Ronni participated by taking photos.

[?]ddrwomp2.jpg: More DDR.

[?]aidanddr.jpg: Aidan decided to try it too. What a cutie.

[?]gamework.jpg: At Gameworks, Ronni and I took little sticker pictures! This is what we looked like.

[?]playpal.jpg: In the GAP Aidan found a little friend. They were cute together, sorta looking at each other like "Wow, another little person!"

[?]foodcort.jpg: The food court where I got Japanese food. Very happy to be fed, I was.

[?]r7up.jpg: We made a 7UP cake at Garth's house. Ronni was pouring in the 7UP.

[?]makecake.jpg: We were cute makin' cake.

[?]bubbleup.jpg: The cake was cookin'!

[?]eatcorn.jpg: Chris made dinner. Corn was part of it. I love corn.

[?]gotchaz.jpg: I got 'im! He wouldn't hold still for a picture so I had to snatch him.

[?]ivyaidan.jpg: The little bugger can't run away while he's in the stroller . . . HAHAHA!

[?]sadivy.jpg: I was sad 'cause I was leaving.

[?]2gether.jpg: And our last picture together for this vacation. Ronni's really good at taking pictures of herself with a camera!