Mikey and I went to Gainesville for the Hoggetowne faire and the weather was much better this year!

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[?]italiansausage.jpg: There was a sign advertising Italian sausage and Mikey made a joke about how the booth was selling him. I decided he should be photographed with his advertisement.

[?]boomboomshrimp.jpg: They're selling me too. Boom boom shrimp!

[?]bumpamonk.jpg: Mikey is trying to knock stuffed monks down with a fish. It's a carnival game.

[?]gvillerenfaireoutfit2011.jpg: This is the outfit I wore this year. It was warm enough that I didn't need my cloak.

[?]mikeyandlucy.jpg: Mikey got to pose with Looney Lucy from Empty Hats.

[?]purplerockcandy1.jpg: Mikey got some purple rock candy. . . .

[?]purplerockcandy2.jpg: . . . And he's enjoying it.

[?]pinkrockcandy.jpg: I got a pink one and it turned my teeth pink.

[?]cheerfortheratman.jpg: Everyone cheer for Emrys Fleet the Rat Catcher!

[?]rattygrin.jpg: And one of his special smiles.

[?]hulareprise1.jpg: I tried hula-hooping in a corset again.

[?]hulareprise3.jpg: And apparently I enjoyed it.

[?]hulareprise4.jpg: I can jump-rope with it too.

And here are pictures from Barely Balanced and Tribal Circus:

[?] [?] [?] [?]

On March 5, 2011, I went to the faire with Mikey and two of his friends whom I'd never met.

[?]froghat.jpg: I had a cute hat on. I didn't buy it though.

[?]mikeyflankedbyblue.jpg: Here is Mikey with Traveler and Kelli.

[?]peepshow.jpg: We thought this was a funny thing to be written on .

[?]fairytree.jpg: These fairies are cute, so I photographed them in their natural element.