Mikey and I went to Gainesville for the Hoggetowne faire on a rainy day. Due to the rain, I didn't take too many pictures.

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[?]gypsies1.jpg: We saw Sahnobar Dance at the gypsy camp. They had some talented dancers, including a little girl who kept pace with her elders. Very entertaining!

[?]gypsies2.jpg: They were very in sync and fun to watch.

[?]gypsies3.jpg: Gypsies are usually fun and funny to watch, since they play up some humor, but for me it was a pleasant surprise that these folks did more dancing than joking around.

[?]bumpamonk1.jpg: Every time we come here I always have to try the Bump-a-Monk game. You have to try to hit these monks with a fish. And if you get three down, you get a prize!

[?]bumpamonk2.jpg: Unfortunately I am so terrible at this that even though I actually hit two monks, one of my hits was the result of my aiming at a different one.

[?]cigarcloak.jpg: Mikey wore his cloak for most of the day because it was raining. It kept him dry, and in addition to that it looked really cool when he was smoking his cigars.

[?]emptyhats1.jpg: Empty Hats is one of our favorite musical acts. Due to the rain they had to perform inside (invading a local artisan's booth!), but it was enjoyable all the same. Looney Lucy is amusing, and she did some interpretive dance to a hilarious song I'd not heard before.

[?]outfitinthedark.jpg: On our way back home, Mikey and I ate at Village Inn, and I asked him to take a photo featuring my outfit. Since there weren't many opportunities to take photos during the faire, that is.

Now here are the photos from Tampa, much better weather! These are from February 20, 2010.

[?]fullfairycloak1.jpg: Here is the debut of the new cloak Victor sewed for me for my holiday gift. It is designed in three panels so that you can wear fairy wings with it, and so I did!

[?]fullfairycloak2.jpg: Here is a lopsided view of the same.

[?]fullfairycloak3.jpg: See the staff I am carrying? Victor made that too--stained it and carved the designs on it, plus it has a rope that resembles my braids, and some beads with a message in my secret language on them!!

One of the first things we did was play the Strong Man game. I'm not very strong, unfortunately.

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

[?]guyinapot.jpg: Then we saw this green man in a pot. I think he goes nicely with my wings.

[?]mikeychairofdeath.jpg: Mikey liked this Chair of Death.

[?]swankychairofdeath.jpg: I wasn't sure if I could sit in the chair because my wings are very big, but it turns out I managed.

[?]cantiga.jpg: We watched this musical trio. One of the best Renaissance music groups I've seen! Mikey bought their CD.

[?]gypsyvictim1.jpg: We always try to see the Demzarah Gypsies. Tirzah was doing her thing with the victim of the day, making him wear the gypsy costume and dance.

[?]gypsyvictim2.jpg: The victim is usually a good sport.

[?]singingtroll.jpg: Hob is a singing troll. He plays well but his singing is, well, what you'd expect of a troll. Consequently, he has two baskets; one for "more!" and one for "hush money." That way, you can pay him if you want him to sing OR if you want him to shut up! (Mikey gave him a fiver for his "more" bucket and he started singing really loud.) We like him!

[?]winniewets.jpg: Winnie, of the Washing Well Wenches, punishes a victim who says their laundry wasn't clean enough. She eventually dumped that whole bucket of water over the guy's head.

[?]wenchvictim.jpg: Winnie and Isadora, doing their thing with a victim. Ironically, after this water-laden show, I started feeling dehydrated.

[?]hugeincense.jpg: That is a HUGE incense stick. I put Mikey there for scale.

Sadly I was not feeling well after this faire, due to lack of fluids, and had to sleep for sixteen hours to recover (after hydrating myself of course). Better luck next faire. . . .

Sunday, March 2, 2010: Tampa Faire with Meggie!

Meg came into town for a visit and we went to the faire with her mom and her son. Mostly I just took pictures of the squirt because he is freaking adorable.

[?]bennypets1.jpg: The faire had an animal pen for people to pet various animals. Ben was very interested!

[?]bennypets2.jpg: You can see his li'l face poking between the fence there.

[?]bennypets3.jpg: There was a pig!

[?]bennypettedanimals.jpg: Mommy picked him up after he got to pet everyone.

[?]benmommybirdy1.jpg: Wow, look at the big bird!

[?]benmommybirdy2.jpg: He looks sorta fascinated, huh?

[?]benfoundachair1.jpg: Then he found a chair and decided it looked comfortable.

[?]benfoundachair2.jpg: Suddenly he was just too content to move.

[?]benfoundachair3.jpg: You could almost sleep in this thing, huh Ben?

[?]benridesswing.jpg: He literally DRAGGED his grandmommy over to this contraption because he wanted a ride. He loved it! It's an old-fashioned ride where it's actually pushed by a person.

[?]rats.jpg: Of course we had to see our old friend Emrys Fleet again.

[?]ihasacookie1.jpg: You get to see what I was wearing that day . . . and what I was EATING! Huge chocolate chunk cookie!

[?]ihasacookie2.jpg: Another shot of me with my cookie in the sun.

[?]benhasacookie.jpg: Ben had a cookie too. Obviously he was enjoying it quite a bit. It took two wet napkins to wipe him down after the cookie-eating and the dirt that got on his hands afterwards.

[?]metreefairy.jpg: I asked Meg to get my photo with this tree fellow and pretty fairy girl. She's so sparkly! You can't really tell in this pic that the tree is a guy in a costume!

[?]treeguy.jpg: This is the top of the tree guy. Cool!

Saturday, March 13, 2010: Tampa Faire with Mikey!

[?]peskylikesstrangers.jpg: Seeing Emrys Fleet the rat catcher was compulsory. Here, he's informing us that he's never seen Pesky take to strangers so quickly.

[?]wilburonastring.jpg: Wilbur the dancing weasel!

[?]wilburdances.jpg: Without the string, he's just Wilbur.

[?]johnnyandassistants.jpg: We had never watched the Johnny Phoenix show, so we did. And promptly found out that the victims he chooses to help him with his act are required to wear bras.

[?]hobsaccordion.jpg: Ooh, Hob the singing troll has an accordion now.

[?]bywashingwell1.jpg: Here's what I was wearing. It's my new blue piece!

[?]bywashingwell2.jpg: I was standing by the Washing Well, where the wenches perform.

[?]selflevelingrabbit.jpg: At It's Unbelievable Magic, the cute little bunny does an interesting trick whenever you tilt him around. James has found that ChaChing is a self-leveling rabbit!

[?]chaching.jpg: Isn't that a cute bunny?

[?]gargoyle.jpg: I liked this guy's costume. I always feel very weird about these things though. There was another guy in costume leading him around on a rope and acting like he had this gargoyle creature in captivity, and the gargoyle kept sort of acting depressed and shaking his head sadly. There was a monster museum thing that had a similar attitude and it weirded me out.

[?]theywearkilts.jpg: They had this cool marching band wearing kilts walking around. I didn't get them actually playing sadly.

[?]winniehasbeer.jpg: Wench time! Someone got beer for the girls! Which always makes them happy.