Mikey and I went to Gainesville for the Hoggetowne faire first. I was a bit sick, but managed to have a good time.

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[?]damsel.jpg: There was a giant monster! And he was nice enough to pose with me! Luckily I did not have to be rescued, for he was a kinder, gentler monster.

[?]evil.jpg: At the chess game, there is always a good side and an evil side. This guy wanted to make it clear what he stood for.

[?]jouster1.jpg: This dude on a horse is about to engage in jousting.

[?]jouster2.jpg: Yeah, and this guy is going to duel too.

[?]jouster3.jpg: Woo-hoo! Riding horses and poking each other with really long sticks!

[?]lilparasol.jpg: Mikey bought me this parasol. I'm using it, sitting on a bale of hay, trying to look like I'm not really ill.

[?]looneylucy.jpg: We got to see Empty Hats perform, and Looney Lucy was a lot of fun. Mikey got to pose with her.

[?]aerial1.jpg: One of our favorite acts at the Gainesville faire is always Aerial Alchemy. It's different every year, but the flipping around on a rope or trapeze is a staple. This acrobat does her act very gracefully.

[?]aerial2.jpg: She just kinda throws herself around and doesn't seem to worry that she might fall.

[?]aerial3.jpg: And she can even do upside-down splits!

[?]aerial4.jpg: Hanging by one leg? No problemo.

[?]witchesanddevils.jpg: We found this amusing sign that says "Cast Out All Witches and Devils." Mikey kinda looks like both here. Should we cast him out? (Ehh, I didn't tell on him.)

Then Mikey and I went to the Tampa faire, bringing along my mom.

[?]3dancers.jpg: We like to watch the Demzarah Gypsies. Weirdly, they have a new dancer now; total of four. (You can't see one of them in this photo.)

[?]mombunny.jpg: My mommy got to hold a cute bunny baby! See how she kisses him?

[?]mombunny2.jpg: Aw! The bunny tried to hop up her!

[?]mombunny3.jpg: He's just soft and tickly.

[?]ohlookrattyagain.jpg: As I always say, a visit to the faire is not complete without checking out Emrys Fleet, the rat-catcher.

[?]ol'ratty1.jpg: What the heck is he even doing?

[?]ol'ratty2.jpg: He's always almost losing his fur there.

[?]tryingnottolooksilly.jpg: There's me and Mommy at the faire in our costumes. My cloak is totally falling off.

After the Mom-and-Mikey faire, I actually went with my friend Mike the next weekend, but we didn't take ANY pictures. So this album picks up with the third time I went to the Tampa faire, which was with Mikey again.

[?]parasolgal.jpg: I brought my parasol again and Mikey photographed what I was wearing that day.

[?]medievalmikey.jpg: And here's Mikey's solo picture.

[?]isitdoneyet.jpg: We posed for the camera on a timer, but because of the bright light couldn't tell if it had flashed yet. This is me abandoning my pose to go get the camera, not realizing I was early in doing so. Haha.

[?]emptyhats1.jpg: I like the music of Empty Hats. They do fun Celtic folk songs and play together very nicely. That's Looney Lucy on the drum.

[?]christophe1.jpg: Christophe the Insultor is a Ren Faire legend. This year he actually came to our faire! I had heard his comedy before and really wanted to see his show.

[?]christophe2.jpg: And here's the deal; if you pay him, he insults your friends for you. The more you pay, the filthier and more degrading (and longer) the insult goes. It's quite entertaining.

My last trip to the faire was with Jef, Anita, and Kit. We met their friends Sho and Michael there too, and we goofed around all day.

[?]jeftree.jpg: Jef found an interestingly-shaped tree. I decided to photograph him with it.

[?]shofight1.jpg: Sho and Michael joined a fighting tournament called Barbarian Battles, and they were able to fight other participants with foam weapons. Here Sho is dueling an opponent.

[?]shofight2.jpg: Lookit that ninja stance!

[?]shofight3.jpg: Pretty impressive, huh? Unfortunately, he lost in the first round.

[?]michaelfight1.jpg: This is Michael in the Barbarian Battle. He taunted his foe.

[?]michaelfight2.jpg: Doesn't he look dangerous?

[?]michaelfight3.jpg: I certainly wouldn't want to fight a dude with moves like that. Not even if he only had a foam sword. (Michael made it through his first round, but lost in the second. Argh.)

[?]rengroup1.jpg: Here I am with the group! I am surrounded by Kit, Jef, Anita, Michael, and Sho. Jef is being a butt, giving me bunny ears.

[?]rengroup2.jpg: Here's the same group, except now Sho is in on the bunny ears action. Argh. Do I really need TWO sets of bunny ears? Oof, Kit is already sunburned.

The end until next year!