These pictures are from my 2006 Ren Faire trip with Mikey in Gainesville.

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The clothes. . . .

[?] [?] [?] [?]
Before I changed My Dress #1My Dress #2My Dress #3

[?]mbagf06.jpg: And this is what Mikey was wearing, carrying his cool Zim bag.

The food. . . .

[?]fairfood.jpg: Here's the little vegetarian meal that Mikey and I shared.

[?]dresit.jpg: There's me after we ate.

[?]mrock1.jpg: Mikey found rock candy and got some.

[?]mrock2.jpg: He ate it ever so seductively.

[?]beefball.jpg: And we saw this sign for "Beefie Balls" which we thought was funny, but of course we did not eat them.

The sights. . . .

[?]ratman.jpg: We always have to see the Rat Man.

[?]rathorn.jpg: And here he is blowing his horn to try to get idiots to come watch his show. Idiots like us!

[?]scarf1.jpg: We saw a beautiful act with these acrobats who flip around on scarves like they're ropes, and do sort of an aerial ballet with them. This looks really neat.

[?]scarf2.jpg: There she is again.

[?]scarf3.jpg: Look how pretty it is when she spins!

Here's some cool fighting from the human chess match we watched:

medicast.jpg chess106.jpg chess206.jpg
chess306.jpg chess406.jpg chess506.jpg

Now pictures from the joust event:

joust106.jpg joust206.jpg joust306.jpg joust406.jpg
joust506.jpg joust606.jpg joust706.jpg joust806.jpg
joust906.jpg joust1006.jpg joust1106.jpg joust1206.jpg
joust1306.jpg joust1406.jpg joust1506.jpg joust1606.jpg

And that's it, see you next year!