My sister got married on August 1, 2009 to a wonderful man named Yusuke!

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[?]yfamilyfish.jpg: My mom and sister Lindsay and I all went to meet Patricia and Yusuke and Yusuke's parents, so we could have an opportunity to get to know them. This is Yusuke with his parents watching some fish at the aquarium.

[?]momyfish.jpg: Here's my mom and Yusuke watching some sharks and fish together.

[?]lpbench.jpg: Lindsay and Patricia are watching others watch the fish. :)

[?]raypet.jpg: At the touching pool, family members were trying to pet rays.

[?]crabandfin.jpg: Our group ate at a cool restaurant called Crab and Fin (I think). We had excellent food, and they gave us a complimentary slice of cake in honor of the upcoming wedding.

[?]yparentsopen.jpg: Yusuke's parents open a present given to them by my mother. It was a beautiful picture frame that my mother actually made herself (she makes stained glass). It used to belong to her own parents, but after they passed away she got it back and is passing it on to Yusuke's parents as a gesture of giving them something that is for family. I thought it was very sweet of her.

[?]beachhouseporch.jpg: Patricia had rented a nice beach house for her wedding guests to stay if they were from out of town. It was a great place called the Beach Barn. I was relaxing here on their balcony on the second floor, and it was just such a cool little atmosphere!

[?]sarahandmichaelcamera.jpg: Patricia's college friends Sarah and Michael arrived at the house for a little drinks-and-snacks night-before party. Sarah had her camera out just when I had mine out.

[?]georgeandcandicebanana.jpg: Candice and George share a seat while George looks at the nutritional information on a Japanese banana snack. (They were quite tasty, but none of us who can't read Japanese know what was in them. . . . )

[?]groupischillin.jpg: The group was chillin'. There you see the back of Sarah and Michael, the side of Yusuke, and Candice, George, and Charles in the back. (Charles worked with Yusuke and Patricia in Japan at the Food Bank, and he was in charge of doing the officiating of their wedding!)

[?]mattandmomtalk.jpg: Matt and Heather arrived then, and this is my mom talking to Matt. (In the back you can see Sean and Pamela, two more of Patricia's friends.)

[?]outsidebeachgroup.jpg: We went outside for some of the gathering as well. The porch was pretty full here. You can see Charles, Matt, Michael, Sarah, George, and Candice in the back, Patricia and Yusuke with their backs to the camera, and Heather sitting at the table with her lovely purple hair.

[?]flowermorning.jpg: The morning of the wedding! My sister is already up, on the phone, and arranging flowers for her bouquets at the same time. All this before breakfast!

[?]pwindsflower.jpg: And Patricia's continuing to wire her flowers together here. Doesn't she look like she's having fun?

[?]pandhflowers.jpg: Heather overseeing the flower arranging.

[?]flowergohere.jpg: "Hmm, would this look good for our parents?"

[?]tooheavy.jpg: "Is it too heavy? Will it flop over?"

[?]whatdoyouthink.jpg: "Well, what do YOU think?"

At the salon! Bride's hairdo pics!
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[?]pinningmom.jpg: Heather pins Mom's flowers on.

[?]gparentswedding.jpg: My grandparents (Dad's parents) at their table!

[?]elisaphoto.jpg: My Aunt Elisa likes taking photos too!

[?]weddingdadandconnie.jpg: Dad and Connie at the wedding restaurant.

[?]matttakespictures.jpg: Matt is a great photographer! He has a cool camera.

[?]momchitchats.jpg: Mom chit-chats with some of P's friends. Everyone was very hot by this point.

I don't have any picures of the actual ceremony because I was in it, so this link to their Flickr gallery of the event will have to suffice.

[?]pandyannounce1.jpg: Since I was in the wedding party I didn't get any pictures of the actual ceremony (maybe I can post some later!) but this is afterwards, with Patricia and Yusuke addressing the group and telling a little of their "how we met" story.

[?]pandyannounce2.jpg: More announcement. Don't they look like a cute couple?

[?]dancesilhouette.jpg: After the announcements, P and Y had their first dance. It was dark and out on the beach, so this is the best I could provide. :)

[?]coupledance.jpg: You can see she's smiling there.

[?]ghostdance.jpg: Here they look almost ghostly because of the camera effect.

[?]stilldancing.jpg: You can see color on this one, so I guess the flash was on here. Her dress is so nice, huh?

[?]hobnob.jpg: Now they're back and hobnobbing with guests.

[?]enjoyingdinner.jpg: The couple is finally allowed to enjoy their dinner.

[?]itsthecake.jpg: Here's their lovely wedding cake. It was a vegan lemon cake! With fruit filling . . . I think it was raspberry!

[?]couplewithdad.jpg: It's the couple with Daddy.

[?]heathersfan.jpg: They had put fans on the table to help with the heat, and Heather was displaying hers.

[?]babye1.jpg: OMG. Cute baby attack. (This is the next morning at the brunch.) He belongs to Sarah and Michael.

[?]brunchgroup.jpg: Here is the group that came to brunch (well, some of them). I like the "Just Married" thing hanging behind my sister.

[?]babye2.jpg: BABY. BABY. BABY. Sorry, his cuteness makes me incoherent.

[?]babye3.jpg: My mom is touching fingers with the baby and saying "Elliott" like in E.T. (That's how the movie character's name is spelled, but I don't know if the baby's name is spelled the same way. :) )

[?]marriedsister.jpg: Me with my newly married sister at the brunch.

[?]carrytherugrat.jpg: That's George and Candice's baby. (I think his name is Leland, but I didn't ask for the right spelling or anything.)

[?]babyintheair.jpg: There's a baby in the air!!!

[?]babykiss.jpg: And the baby gets a kissy.

We left after that so there are no more pictures for now. :) CONGRATULATIONS TO MY SISTER AND YUSUKE!!!!