Patricia and Yusuke visited Florida with three-year-old Ash for the holidays!

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[?] Here's the first night I got to hang out with Ash during their visit.

Horsing around with this kid is fun.


[?] My daddy holding his doggie Honey. She gets emotional when she's carried!

[?] Ash loves the fake grapes. (He likes real ones too.)

[?] Ash with Connie and the tree at Dad's.

[?] Ash is getting showered with gifts. That's what happens when you have a birthday and the holidays so close together!

[?] Ash got golf clubs. Mommy P tries to teach him how to use them. She's not the expert like our dad, but hey!

[?] Dad demonstrating to Ash how to use his new toy golf clubs.

[?] Ash has really got the hang of his new toy golf clubs, with his grandpa teaching him.

[?] Ash is enjoying all the presents. This time he got Elmo, and his parents look on fondly.

[?] Sister P chases her son with Elmos.

[?] I made this cake for Ash's third birthday. It's strawberry!

[?] Ash is just a blur of jumping child.

[?] Ash is appreciating his slice of strawberry birthday cake.

[?] Ash really loves his trains--more than the cake they were on.

[?] Two Elmos came to Ash's birthday party.

[?] At Mom's for Christmas Eve, my brother-in-law Mike talks to Jeaux about video games!

[?] Mom with Lindsay's doggie, Chewbacca.

[?] I took a Christmas Tree Selfie because I knew I wouldn't be in many of my own pictures for this holiday.

[?] Something weird happened: Lindsay's dog cuddled with me and I didn't mind! (I'm not usually a huge dog fan.)

[?] Ash and Uncle Mike chillin' like villains playing with Ash's vehicles.

[?] My mommy finally got to use her china again, so I photographed the occasion.

Present time!


[?] Ash got a BIG coloring book! This is on Christmas Day at Mom's.

[?] Yusuke has an upside-down son.

[?] Mommy Patricia lying inside the car tracks.

[?] This li'l guy. Can't get enough of him.

Did you know knitting can mess with your head?


Playing with the tracks is fun!


Playing with Play-doh is also fun. Sometimes small boys try to play with it at the same time as their toy tracks and Mommy has to clean dough out of the tracks with a toothpick.


[?] Mommy with her youngest and her youngest's husband. Cuties.

Watch out! It's Ash's first Pop Rocks! (He liked them.)


[?] My gift from my sister Lindsay!

[?] At lunch with Grandpa, Ash got to have ice cream after his mac and cheese.

[?] We rented a beach vacation house and did some sisterly baking. Here's Patricia with our raspberry coffee cake.

[?] A contemplative morning boy.



Some pics of me at the beach.


Little family at the beach. Ash was a little afraid of the water.


Look at this raspberry devourer.


[?] He's probably tired of his obnoxious aunt taking his picture but I can't help it.

This child is a fruit monster, I swear.


[?] On New Year's Eve I had the family over for breakfast-for-dinner and we ate on TV trays! Here's my good old Smurf tray!

[?] Ash got an E.T. tray.

[?] Yusuke was very hungry for his breakfast for dinner!

[?] Mom and Patricia got their dinners.

[?] Ash wanted to draw so his dad drew with him. They drew some Steven Universe characters, which was delightful.

[?] Ash is coloring on what his daddy drew.

[?] Ash gives very big, powerful hugs.

Ash became a cookie monster during dessert:

[?] [?]

[?] Ash took a little rest. On my Cthulhu pillow.

[?] Ash likes my Gem plushies! I think he's trying to find Amethyst's hidden eye.

[?] Ash wanted to wear my wings and become a butterfly boy.

[?] Butterfly boy made a mess.

[?] Happy New Year!