Patricia and Yusuke visited Florida with twelve-month-old Ash for the holidays!

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[?]ashexplores.jpg: Ash's first birthday involved some exploring.

[?]ashis1.jpg: Ash is 1! I made this mini banana cake for him.

[?]gimmecake.jpg: Ash is about to try a nibble of cake fed to him by Mommy Patricia.

[?]nomcake4.jpg: Hmm, not bad, huh?

[?]nomcake5.jpg: Additional cake nomming.

[?]nomcake1.jpg: More cake nomming.

[?]nomcake2.jpg: Even more cake nomming.

[?]nomcake3.jpg: Whoa, he picked the whole thing up!

[?]nomcake6.jpg: Wanna feed some to Mom?

[?]feedmommy.jpg: Aw, what a good sharer.

[?]auntlindsay.jpg: Aunt Lindsay cuddles the birthday boy.

[?]careerprospects1.jpg: Patricia arranged some symbolic items on the floor to see what he'd go for and then we'd joke about what he's going to be when he grows up based on what he picks.

[?]careerprospects2.jpg: He picked a tape measure first and a set of markers second. Engineer?

[?]letsopen.jpg: Now let's open presents!

[?]birthdaypresents1.jpg: The cutie sure got a lot of gifts.

[?]birthdaypresents2.jpg: Look at that haul!

[?]bubbleboy.jpg: He even got to play with bubbles.

[?]grandmacard.jpg: Aw. Grandma got him a card with a sweet message to accompany the gift.

[?]mochiicecream.jpg: Ash did a Japanese first-birthday tradition called issho mochi right before this--he had to carry a heavy load of mochi on his back and crawl to symbolize the adversity he'd face in his life. But we couldn't find actual mochi around here. So we settled for mochi ice cream, which we then ate.

[?]feeteater.jpg: Aunt Lindsay is a feet eater.

[?]walkertoy.jpg: Look how independent he is with his walker toy!

[?]eatdaddysbread.jpg: Now the baby wants to eat Daddy's bread.

[?]selfieash.jpg: I was showing the budja baby how to take selfies.

[?]groupselfie.jpg: We even had a group selfie.

[?]upsidedownkisses.jpg: Aw, it's the upside-down kiss expert.

[?]yuletree2014.jpg: Here's my Yule tree for this year!

[?]fingereater.jpg: Spent some more time at Mom's with this finger-eater.

[?]bananaboy.jpg: This child eats bananas every day of his life.

[?]grandmatickles.jpg: My mom is a good tickler.

[?]firsthanukkah.jpg: The family came over for the last night of Hanukkah at my house and we did candles. :)

[?]wanticecream.jpg: At Sweet Tomatoes, Ash wants Mommy's ice cream! Badly!

[?]geticecream.jpg: And now, at long last, he gets to have some of Daddy's ice cream.

[?]highfive1.jpg: Learning to high five!

[?]highfive2.jpg: Good job baby!

[?]gimmecider.jpg: At a Christmas party at Mom's, little Ash wanted some of his mommy's cider. No no, little boy.

[?]bookgift1.jpg: I gave him a touch-and-feel book about food for his Christmas present!

[?]bookgift2.jpg: He seems to be enjoying his aunt's gift!

[?]bookgift3.jpg: Look at that budja little fish face!

[?]allourfeet.jpg: Christmas resulted in cozy footwear for all of us!

[?]phonebaby.jpg: You wouldn't believe how much this kid loves gadgets.

[?]phonebaby2.jpg: "Hello?"

[?]yesbudge.jpg: Oh, Ash? Have you come over here to have your cheeks budged by your aunt? I think so.

[?]highfiver3.jpg: High fives? Yes, sir.

[?]highfiver.jpg: He gets really into those high fives.

[?]highfiver2.jpg: Even if they're pretty low fives.

[?]sarasota6.jpg: We visited Sarasota to see our dad and grandparents. Grandpa had high fives for the baby!

[?]sarasota1.jpg: Group shot with Grandma and everyone--four generations!

[?]sarasota4.jpg: Ash is tuckered out with daddy Yusuke.

[?]playatdads.jpg: Ash and Connie had a good time playing peek-a-boo on the floor.

[?]pianobaby.jpg: Oh, piano baby. You musical child.

[?]momnpfire.jpg: New Year's Eve with Mom and Patricia roasting vegan marshmallows.

[?]rollingbaby1.jpg: Cute child rolling around on New Year's Day.

[?]rollingbaby2.jpg: More rolling.

[?]babyselfies.jpg: Yes, it is necessary to take this many baby selfies.

Looking forward to seeing my lovely family again soon--before Ash is too much bigger and I don't even recognize him!