My sister P visited in April 2007 to go to a wedding and see her family! THAT INCLUDES ME!!

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[?]yeaster.jpg: My sister and Yusuke arrived in the U.S. on Easter, and my mom brought them to her place. There, Yusuke got an Easter basket (and other gifts were given). Some of the things in the basket were toys and real eggs, some with Japanese writing on them. Wow!

[?]yppres.jpg: They also received a nice towel. Yay.

[?]lwpork.jpg: A lovely shot of sister L with her doggie, Pork Chop.

[?]cupsnug.jpg: Here is Patricia and Yusuke at my grandparents' house enjoying some sparkling grape juice. They are such a lovely couple.

[?]granddsp.jpg: Dad and the grandparents also enjoying the juice.

[?]grandsp.jpg: A nice shot of just the grandparents.

[?]eatchn.jpg: That night, the whole group had Chinese food at a buffet place. We had an enthusiastic waitress who kept trying to get us to try the crab legs.

[?]amngfl2.jpg: We took a walk on P's old college campus. Here I am posing with flowers on the New College grounds in Sarasota.

[?]pwalkbch.jpg: new College has its own lovely watery walking spot. Sister P is making her way down beside the beautiful blue water.

[?]sitwater.jpg: There's P and Yusuke enjoying the calm waves. They look so tranquil together.

[?]yfilm1.jpg: It's kinda fun to take pictures of other people taking pictures. :)

[?]ygramp.jpg: Yusuke and Grandpa in Island Park, while we were all taking a walk there. (Well, and I took a nap.)

[?]eatjpn.jpg: We ate at a wonderful Japanese place that night. We ate sushi, and my grandpa had a huge tempura thing. I discovered I like edamame at this restaurant!

[?]sunsfl.jpg: After dinner, this is what we hurried to catch: A Florida sunset, which has to be experienced to be believed.

[?]ypbeach.jpg: I think they were very glad we got to see it.

[?]grpbeach.jpg: Everyone was taking nice pictures of the sunset!

[?]eatpeach.jpg: The morning breakfast was at Peach's, where I had pancakes and everyone got something yummy.

[?]eatpeac2.jpg: I got to be in a second group picture because Yusuke was kind enough to take the shot. :)

[?]villinng.jpg: A visit with Fred overlapped my sister's visit for a day. They went canoeing with my mom, and when they came back I joined them for a bite at Village Inn. Jeaux came to the dinner too.

[?]villinnf.jpg: Everyone got their food and chowed down.

And unfortunately they had to go back to Japan shortly after that, though I did get to hang with them one more time at my mom's over pizza and pictures and fun stuff. It was a great visit!