[$] My Bookstore Fun Page![$]

Here's my collection of fun bookstore photos!

Here's me at work just chillin'.

[me at work]

And another of the same. . . .

[me at work]

Here's Mikey pushing me on a book cart. . . .

[me at work]

And me doing storytime. Except only Mikey and my co-worker Cliff came . . . they're just immature, not children!

[me at work]

Me at Christmas in my elf get-up:

[me at work]

And my lovely disgusted face after I had to ring someone up for a book I don't like.

[me at work]

There's Mikey in the Kids' section attacking with the lightsaber. . . .


This is me sleeping on the back room bookshelves!

[me at work]

And me with a book that won't stay on the shelf because of its bulgy eyeballs.

[me at work]

There are many more, but you can click on links to see them instead if you like. Just choose which ones you want to see by the descriptions below.

More pictures. . . .


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The Animated GIF finder for the cute dollar signs!


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