I went to New Port Richey to hang out at the beach with my friends!

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[?] First, everyone had to arrive at my house. This is Kathy, meeting me for the first time!

[?] Now the gang has arrived! Kathy, Meghan, and Katelyn. Fred took the picture.

[?] Fred really enjoyed Jeaux's Tiger Millionaire phone.

[?] The room I picked was pretty appropriate for my style.

[?] Katelyn and Fred playing air hockey at the beach house.

[?] Katelyn and Fred playing air hockey at the beach house.

[?] Meggie playing with the basketball shooting thing.

[?] Hahaa, Cards Against Humanity.

[?] I had some really vile cards. Surprise!

[?] Katelyn enjoying the tube in the pool.

[?] I got in the pool a little too, but mostly I'm a poolside sitter.

[?] We made 7UP cake.

[?] Fred had some wine.

[?] Another night of Cards Against Humanity, with Jeaux added.

[?] I made Together Breakfast for my crew.

[?] More making.

[?] Yep, that's popcorn.

[?] Here we are about to eat our Together Breakfast.

[?] Beautiful water and sky.

[?] Being a beach bum with Meghan.

[?] They took a walk and found this nice shelter.

[?] Meggie and Katelyn taking a beach selfie.

[?] Okay so I don't do a very good Pearl impression.

[?] I like this shirt.

[?] Jeaux and Meghan on their devices like nerds.

[?] My pals in the pool.

[?] I have cute pool hair.

[?] Jeaux enjoys the tube in the pool.

[?] Messy.

[?] I'm a little excited about cartoons. Obseve toys and coffee in the background.

[?] Fred and Kathy had a good seafood experience in Tarpon Springs at Rusty Bellies.

[?] Mama bird feeding baby bird.

[?] Our group at Rusty Bellies. My salad was yum.

[?] Home for the week: The Green House.

[?] Sometimes I sit around in my Steven Universe boxers and watch cartoons.

[?] Crystal Temple star shirt, oh yeah.

[?] Relaxing in my cute shirt.

[?] Meghan and Katelyn and me shopping in Tarpon Springs.

[?] My friends were catching lots of Pokémon.

[?] I was excited about free candy and cartoons.

[?] I dig this lighting and this shirt.