I went to New York to receive book awards and see family and friends!

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[?] On my way to New York! Plane selfie!

[?] Dorky selfie after Dad and I landed.

[?] Yay New York! Safe and sound at John's place.

[?] Went to the Harvard Club to accept one of my book awards!

[?] A presenter at the book award ceremony.

[?] I got a medal because I won an award in the LGBT category.

[?] Me at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

[?] Dad at one of the awards ceremonies.

[?] Here's me with the spokesmodels at the IPPY Awards, getting my silver medal in Sexuality/Relationships.

[?] Here's me with both of the medals I won that night.

[?] I had a really good coffee at Argo while waiting for one of my writer friends to show up for hangout time.

[?] There she is! Natalka and me in the park. We had a lot of fun talking publishing and writing stuff.

[?] I met my aunt and my dad for dinner at Mercato before we went to a showing of A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.

[?] An iced latte before the show.

[?] Hanging out with Dad after the show.

[?] Dad and Aunt Elisa chilling after the show.

[?] I was early for brunch with my agent so I hung out in Central Park for a while.

[?] I met with my agent Andrea for brunch and we had some really nice food and great conversation.

[?] Hanging out with John before his birthday party.

[?] John hangs out with his friends at his party.

[?] Hanging out with John's friend Mike, who was really fun to talk to.

[?] Mike likes to take pictures, so I took a picture of him taking a picture.

[?] This is Mike's photo of me.

[?] John's roommate Jorge came home during the party!

[?] John has a moment with one of his party friends.

[?] I'm very social at parties, not.

[?] The people out in John's garden area--makes this party look smaller than it was. There were a ton of people here.

[?] John finally got pizza when he was pretty wasted.

[?] Official picture of me on the red carpet at the Lambda Awards.

[?] My dad's picture of me on the red carpet at the Lambda Awards.

[?] At the Lammys! Kate Clinton MCing.

[?] With John at the after-party, in weird light.

[?] With John at the after-party.

[?] John at the after-party.