Party at my mom's house, New Year's 2007!

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[?]07mikey2.jpg: Here's Mikey making an odd face sitting in a chair at my mom's.

[?]foodinj1.jpg: The food was yummy. Jeaux is eating one of my mom's meatballs.

[?]foodinm1.jpg: Mikey seems to be enjoying the hors d'ourves also.

[?]07joenm.jpg: My pals hanging out and talking.

[?]07mikey1.jpg: Mikey put on an Andrew Dice Clay video. My mom still talks about how disgusting it was.

[?]07mom1.jpg: Not that she didn't still laugh through it sometimes.

[?]joelibs1.jpg: We played Mad Libs™, and of course with the company there was we made them pretty gross.

[?]sliplibs.jpg: Jeaux isn't much of a fan of Mad Libs™ actually.

[?]momlibs.jpg: But Mom played along!

[?]jocake.jpg: And for our first breakfast of 2007, Mommy made pancakes! With ice cream!

No pictures of me. I had the camera. The few I took of myself deserve to be on the Bad Photos Page.