Mikey and I had my mom over up in Gainesville, and the three of us went to see the fabulous butterfly exhibit.

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[?]entered.jpg: Here's Mom just entering the exhibit.

[?]momcheck.jpg: Mom is checking out the foliage and butterflies around in the leaves.

[?]bufly3.jpg: That's a nice orange one!

[?]momwalk.jpg: Mom going more into the exhibit.

[?]koi.jpg: Cool, there's fish in that pond.

[?]mommikey.jpg: Here's Mikey with Mom looking at what kinds of different butterflies there are on the guide.

[?]jbfly4.jpg: I was just looking at all the cool sights.

[?]jbflysml.jpg: Weird smile.

[?]bufly4.jpg: There's a butterfly on a leaf!

[?]feedin.jpg: They put out these weird little dishes of nasty-looking food for the butterflies. Here I think they are feeding on rotting plantains.

[?]bufly2.jpg: A neat yellow one.

[?]bufly1.jpg: How pretty.

[?]mlookin.jpg: Looks like Mom was trying to get the butterfly on her hand.

[?]mfound1.jpg: Oh cool, it went on her.

[?]mfound2.jpg: And it stayed on her for a long time.

[?]oohwhat.jpg: Aww, I want one on me too!

[?]momjlook.jpg: Mom was sometimes blowing on them so they'd flutter.

[?]blowwj.jpg: She's still blowing on its wings.

[?]mbfly1.jpg: I guess it really liked her.

[?]jsearch.jpg: Gah! Now I want to pick one up.

[?]momgrinb.jpg: Mom is grinning big on the bridge. It is very hot in there, but she's still having a great time.

[?]bufly5.jpg: That's a cute one. . . .

[?]studyupm.jpg: Mom's taking a breather and studying what kinds of butterflies there are in the exhibit.

[?]jwander.jpg: Still wandering around trying to get one to land on me.

[?]bflyj.jpg: Just me with the nice vegetation.

[?]jcheckin.jpg: Hey, maybe that one will like me.

[?]jhandfly.jpg: Or maybe not. It doesn't seem terribly interested in crawling onto my finger.

[?]jbfly5.jpg: Aww, please? I like you!

[?]fanned.jpg: Those are some neat leaves that look like fans.

[?]bridge1.jpg: We're walking across the bridge again.

[?]jnmom1.jpg: Talking about butterflies.

[?]jnmom2.jpg: Sharing a smile.

[?]jbfly3.jpg: Ummm . . . how 'bout YOU? Want to get on my hand?

[?]mkyhand1.jpg: No, but this one was interested in Mikey's thumb.

[?]mkyhh3.jpg: Ooh, blowin' on the wings again.

[?]mkybfly1.jpg: Wow, that one likes him a lot.

[?]mkyhh1.jpg: Oh, and now another one likes him! This one's on his shirt.

[?]mkyhh2.jpg: It stayed a while.

[?]jcmon1.jpg: Come on, doesn't anyone like me?

[?]mwalkbrg.jpg: Mom on the bridge again.

[?]getit.jpg: They really don't want to sit on me, do they.

[?]jbfly2.jpg: Any butterflies here in the flowers to play with?

[?]jfound1.jpg: What do you think of my hand? Want to play on it?

[?]jfound2.jpg: Ooh! Yeah, you do! Er, or at least you're not scared of me.

[?]jfound3.jpg: Gah, finally.

[?]jfound4.jpg: Aww, isn't he cute?

[?]jfound5.jpg: Look at those nice wings.

[?]jfound6.jpg: A decent picture of me with the butterfly.

[?]mnjbfly.jpg: But these guys just like some people better than others. . . .

[?]mombflys.jpg: Just an after-picture of my mom studying an outside butterfly display and looking all hot from how frickin' steamy it was in there.