All the unusual, uncategorizable photos.

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[?]wanted.jpg: Beware! It's Mia and me about to destroy something!

[?]laundy.jpg: It's my friend Ammy and Mr. Laundy, the coolest teacher ever!

[?]saenana2.jpg: I went to an anime convention dressed as Sae Sawanoguchi from Maho Tsukai TAI, with my friend Ammy playing "my" best friend Nanaka. This is us on the stage during the costume contest.

[?]awa1mtt.jpg: Another of the same from above, except it's better quality and you can see our costumes better.

[?]ravekira.jpg: This is a picture where I look like Kira from The Dark Crystal, except at a rave. (Without the effects, this is a really bad picture. I tried to make it better, but it wouldn't work. And this looked cool! So I kept it.)

[?]juchan.jpg: My lovely friend Mike made this digital image, editing me into the scene on the cover of a fantasy book . . . where I flawlessly belong. Observe.

[?]voyager.jpg: This is from a promotional picture taken in Las Vegas at the Star Trek Experience. Look, I'm next to Janeway! Hopefully Tuvok won't goose me!

[?]hween03.jpg: The only group shot of all four of us from Halloween 2003: Me as an ivy fairy, Jeaux as a cow fairy, Brendon as a Jedi of some kind, and Mike as the Grim Kahuna.

[?]pikacrap.jpg: My sister and I made pretzels and this one looked like a piece of poop after it was cooked. We set up this shot. Funny.

[?]pokeivy.jpg: My friend Mike made this for me--look, I'm the Pokémon IVYSAUR! Erm, sort of. . . .

[?]jellies.jpg: Look, I managed to get jelly shoes for myself even though it's not the eighties anymore!

[?]tufteyes.jpg: I put weird eyelash things on my eyes and took a close-up.

And here's me drinking soap.
soap1.jpg soap2.jpg soap3.jpg soap4.jpg