Mikey and I made a vacation out of our shared search for a new city to move to. We hit Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine!

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[?]dadd1.jpg: Here I am with my dad in Orlando.

[?]dadd2.jpg: Another shot of the same.

[?]cdj1.jpg: Me and Dad and Connie.

[?]cdj2.jpg: And another one.

[?]dmj1.jpg: Here's me and Dad with Mikey, too.

[?]dmj2.jpg: Another shot of the same, who knows why we have two.

[?]sickos.jpg: And then just me and Mikey, being the sickos we are.

[?]madness.jpg: We can take a regular picture! Really!

[?]hungry.jpg: Could someone please feed this Mikey?

[?]nobel.jpg: He's so cute in his dignified poses, don't you think?

[?]cutie.jpg: There's me with a big soda. Mikey named this photo "cutie," but I don't think it's a particularly good picture of me. Whatever.

[?]mpyrami.jpg: For his next trick, Mikey will design a major building out of coffee creamers.

[?]jtower.jpg: You like mine? It's tall.

[?]art11.jpg: Now that's just silly.

[?]art12.jpg: Think it will remain standing if I put some weight on it?

[?]cheesey.jpg: It is very important to appreciate the cheese in a sandwich.

[?]munchinj.jpg: Hooray, the swankivy has been fed.

[?]liltaco.jpg: That's me in the hotel room wearing my Gir shirt.

[?]bedjm1.jpg: We like jumping on hotel beds to make our temporary neighbors think something naughty is going on.

[?]bedjj1.jpg: Well, that and because it's FUN!

[?]bedjj2.jpg: Boy, jumping makes you tired.

[?]buffet1.jpg: Chinese buffets are necessary on road trips.

[?]buffet2.jpg: I love lo mein. It makes me make stupid faces like this.

[?]mwhaa.jpg: This is Mikey playing his "I'm innocent!" card at my mother's house.

[?]leats.jpg: Contrary to popular belief, Lindsay (my sister) does sometimes eat.

[?]doglet.jpg: L's doglet, Pork Chop, is adorable regardless of whether you like dogs.

[?]wakcof.jpg: It was very nice of my mom to provide us coffee in the morning. We needed it.

[?]wakcof2.jpg: Coffee makes everything okay.

[?]mustsmil.jpg: Oh, I think it's kicking in. (Or someone just said something really disgusting to try to make us laugh for the picture.)

[?]wtfrwe.jpg: "Where the fuck are we???" I think we're lost. "Fuckin' map!" says Mikey. Getting lost sucks.

[?]dixwings.jpg: But at least we found Dick's Wings, eh? Good thing.

[?]pancof.jpg: Mikey really likes Panera.

[?]pancof2.jpg: I like it pretty good too.

[?]toydino.jpg: Jacksonville's Toys R Us had a dino I could ride.

[?]jasflur.jpg: They did have some nice jasmine, even if we ended up not liking the town.

[?]jasflur2.jpg: Mikey likes jasmine.

[?]hkstuf.jpg: "Hey, let's take this picture for Dummy!" Mikey meant Cara, who's into Hello Kitty. What a toy store!

[?]msithand.jpg: Mikey, sitting in a hand chair, was less than impressed with this mall.

[?]jsithand.jpg: I was just concerned that this might count as getting my ass grabbed.

[?]2sithand.jpg: We both sat in them!

[?]mopit.jpg: Uh-oh, had an accident on the floor, better clean it up. Hehehe.

[?]caught.jpg: Mikey is caught in the act of acquiring more Chinese buffet food.

[?]lickroll.jpg: Call me crazy but I don't think I can eat an eggroll in one bite.

[?]cremnose.jpg: Probably a bad idea to eat those cream puffs so fast too.

[?]madlibj.jpg: Back in Gainesville, at Maude's, we played with Mad Libs.

[?]madlibm.jpg: Mikey always comes up with the dirtiest words to put in the blanks.

[?]falafel1.jpg: I ate a falafel burger at Farrah's.

[?]falafelj2.jpg: See? It's green inside.

[?]bigsal1.jpg: Mikey had a huge-ass salad.

[?]bigsal2.jpg: Oh god, how to eat this?

[?]jdishy.jpg: In St. Augustine, we visited a cool Believe It Or Not museum. Here is me in a house that was made inside a giant log. I am pretending to serve a dish that was actually glued there.

[?]jsleepbb.jpg: That's what the built-in bed is like inside it.

[?]houscoff.jpg: Want some coffee, Mikey?

[?]mikewood.jpg: Mikey by the attraction's sign.

[?]waimik1.jpg: Mikey hates waiting.

[?]lickcrem.jpg: Ohh, Mikey got a bagel. A sexy bagel.

[?]cremsprd.jpg: Want some?

[?]bigcoke.jpg: That . . . is a big Coke.

[?]mikeball.jpg: And then we saw the fort in St. Augustine. Here is Mikey with cannonballs.

[?]mikecann.jpg: And with a cannon, too.

[?]jcann.jpg: I kinda like the cannon.

[?]usfort1.jpg: There we are, we really did go see it.

[?]mpounder.jpg: Mikey does like his weapons. Cool cannon.

[?]jpounder.jpg: Fire!

[?]biggun1.jpg: Why does it sound so pervy to say this is a picture of Mikey with his big gun?

[?]biggun2.jpg: Erm, well, I guess there are photos of me with it too. . . .

And then we went home. We didn't really have a good time in Jacksonville which was disappointing because we were hoping to like it enough to move there, and we didn't. We ended up moving to Tampa, but that's another story.