Mikey and I took a day off work to go to the Dalí museum and visit Tarpon Springs. We took some pictures of the sights along the way!

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car.jpg: Woo-hoo! The road trip has begun!

lastbiscuit.jpg: We stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans. I was stuffed but somehow kept eating the food in front of me. Here I am consuming the last biscuit.

bothpanera.jpg: Mikey doesn't like the coffee as much at Bob Evans, so we popped by Panera to get "real" coffee.

mikeyspanera.jpg: He doesn't look super enthused here, but trust me, he's all about that coffee.

boatsbackground1.jpg: We got to the Dalí museum before it opened, so we hung out by the water until it was time to let us in.

boatsbackground2.jpg: Continuing to hang out in front of the boats.

mikeyhairblow.jpg: The winds blew Mikey's hair around. :)

yaywindytum.jpg: I enjoy the wind too!

watersedge1.jpg: The atmosphere was really nice right there by the water.

watersedge2.jpg: I could've sat there for hours.

watersilhouette.jpg: Just some photographical experimentation.

mikeymeltedbench.jpg: This cool Dalí-inspired bench was outside, too.

swankmeltedbench.jpg: I of course had to get my photo op sitting on it.

bothwithdali.jpg: Here we are hanging out with a picture of Dalí that was outside the building.

withdali.jpg: Quite an amazing dude, I tell ya. You aren't allowed to actually take photos inside the museum so of course this is all we got.

We went to visit Mikey's grandfather's resting place while we were in the area, and there was a tank nearby because there is a lot of veteran-related stuff there. These are photos of the tank and Mikey climbing on it.

mikeyinstock.jpg: Before leaving the St. Pete area we had to stop at the giant famous bookstore, Haslem's.

thisishaslems1.jpg: Don't I look excited about the big bookstore?

thisishaslems2.jpg: More Mikey by Haslem's. We didn't buy anything though.

2upsidedownshark.jpg: Then we went shopping in Tarpon Springs. There was a cool pretend shark here outside the shops.

mikeysharkeyepoke.jpg: Don't ask me why he's poking its eye.

flyingturtle.jpg: They also had a turtle that appeared to be flying.

spongeboat1.jpg: Mikey liked the sponge boats. Tarpon Springs is famous for the sponges.

spongeboat2.jpg: Here is another sponge boat picture.

bigdessert.jpg: I pigged out on dessert at Golden Corral.

littledessert.jpg: I hogged it all, so Mikey only got a couple pieces of candy.

After that we just did a little more shopping in Tampa. :) That was a nice day trip!