Pictures from Metrocon, August 2017! Attended the anime convention in Tampa, from Friday through Sunday, in costume with Victor and Jeaux!

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I wore a non-costume to the con on Friday, but I dressed up cute as a Steven Universe nerd. I had on Steven Universe–related shirt, belt, earrings, bracelets, socks, and shoes, and carried my cheeseburger backpack.

My backpack ready to go. Very nerdy.

Cosplayers! Rose Quartz and Greg Universe, Steven's parents.

Peridot and Bad Pearl. The Wonder Nerds.

More of those nerds.

I ran into this excellent Marge Simpson.

Grunkle Stan and Dippy Fresh??

Jeaux has opinions about Dippy Fresh.

Jeaux as Dipper found a Mabel who reminded us she's the alpha twin because she's taller. Umm.

Two Dippers??

This Steven had all kinds of Steveny props in that bag, including some cat fingers.

A Rainbow Dash with a really cute costume.

A Lum cosplayer?! Been a while since I saw a Lum.

Garnet and Lapis are running a panel about Steven Universe song lyrics. They forgot their Pearl Points so I gave them some of mine to give out!

Here are Lapis and Garnet in light where you can see them. I love the bows in Garnet's hair. AHHH.

This Greg and Lapis cosplay was done by a father and daughter.

Korra costume looks wonderful.

I believe this is Stevonnie and Pearl. The one in the red shirt might be a Steven cosplay, but Stevonnie wears a crop top and shorts, while Steven doesn't, so. No wigs, but still great! Pearl's weapon is cute.

Fantastic Tinker Bell!

I won a Pearl Point for getting the right answer at the lyrics panel.

As part of a scavenger hunt, we had to hug a Metrocon volunteer. I already knew Michael so he was the one I hugged!


Victor's costume: Batman of the Opera. With the mask off.

Now with the mask on.

Victor's cool makeup.

Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire.

I'm playing ukulele in my Stevonnie costume, early in the morning. I'm sleepy.

This other Stevonnie was there in the morning at the PJ Party. She asked me to play the theme song on ukulele.

No panel hosts showed up to run the event so we decided to run it. I gave a quiz to people and we played some music.

Rose, Steven, and a very bored Lion.

Lion is eating a Lion Licker. I've never seen a Lion Licker prop before.

Uncle Andy's here!

Holly Blue Agate and Navy Ruby are giving a loyal Diamond salute. (These two weren't together, but got together in my photo.)

Two Pearls and one Mystery Girl? Too much.

Stevonnie wearing a hat!

Rose Quartz wearing Greg's shirt.

Very tall 6'7" Doctor from Doctor Who. Next to me, tiny Stevonnie.

Stevonnie and Blue Pearl.

Gender-swapped characters from Adventure Time.

Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle, with Calcifer!

The Donut Kids Lars and Sadie.

This Purple Puma almost tacked Jeaux as Tiger Millionaire.

Awesome Jasper cosplay.

Great costumes of Lapis and Jasper--I'm not sure if the person in the middle is a Stevonnie variation or just wearing Steveny clothes.

Lumpy Space Princess ready for Promcoming, and a Lady Rainicorn.

Amethyst cosplay with her latest outfit.

Stevonnie eating fries--NOT the bits.

My toenails had stars on them.

Garnet, Amethyst (Fun Mom!), and Peridot.

Steven and Connie. I came up to take their photo and said "I really like your costumes for some reason."

Tuxedo Pearl ran the Crystal Trivia panel.

Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls.

This person wore a BMO dress--BMO is from Adventure Time.

Lars is here! The pink version of Lars. BINGO BONGO.

Here we have a beautiful stoic Blue Diamond and a very bored "Bob" Lapis Lazuli.

Toph and Zuko are from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Toph is my favorite character on the show.

A gorgeous Rose Quartz with a shield and a sword. This one called "HEY BABY. I see you!" at me.

I really love this Stevonnie. This costume looks a lot better if you have good hair for it.

An Eternal Scout from Night Vale.

My friend Joy came as a Steven Universe zoo human!

Joy's face upon being told to pose as if she'd been Choosened.

Yellow Pearl and a Stevonnie. This Stevonnie told me Stevonnie is the best Fusion and Yellow Pearl rolled her eyes and said "Ewww, FUSIONS." So method.

Here's a really sweet Pearl. She took a selfie with me after this.

This Lapis Lazuli looks like she's about to take off.

Here I am at home with my wig off and this is what my hair did.


Victor wanted to go to this workshop on silicon mold-making. I went with him but didn't make a mold. He's making a mold for a GIR and Piggy!

I was in costume and cold at the panel. I had this blanket.

The drawing I did at the panel while sitting with Victor.

I'm too tired for this panel.

Sleepy Stevonnie playing at the morning panel.

Victor's GIR.

Victor's Piggy.

I was in the lobby and someone else took a picture of me--they put this on their Instagram (account: c00lpatrol).

This Marceline was in our panel too. She's from Adventure Time.

A lovely Rose outside the dealer room.

Porco Rosso was in our cafeteria. He's so cute!

Chatting with Porco Rosso.

Cardcaptor Sakura was in the dealer room--adorable.

This Sardonyx costume is amazing. A four-armed Fusion!

This beautiful Rose had a sword.

This Greg Universe was holding Rose's sheild.

Victor got this cool hat, and he never makes a normal face for me.

A room full of dancing nerds!

They were all doing the same dances in the main room and it was so cool.

A whole group of Disney fairies!

I saw these two Pearls hanging out. Funny to see them together even though they're on opposite sides of a war.

This Squirrel Girl was outside a panel room and her costume was adorable.

Greg Universe found me and was thrilled, haha.