Pictures from Memorial Day 1998! Visit from James and Chris of Alabama!

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[?]hitme.jpg: This is James wearing my sunglasses. His catch phrase is "don't hit me." He kind of looks like he's about to say it here.

[?]pigtail.jpg: This is James and me holding each other's pigtails on my roof.

[?]rangboyz.jpg: James and Chris posin' for me on my roof. Hot stuff.

[?]ehhhh.jpg: James and me on the roof; he's making a strange face.

[?]squat.jpg: Just what it sounds like. I'm squatting on the roof, dammit.

[?]chrisply.jpg: Chris playing the guitar. I'm sure it was something totally strange.

[?]ivylaugh.jpg: Me laughing my ass off at Chris's songs.

[?]ivytall.jpg: Yeah right. My friends bent down so I looked taller. Duh.

[?]ivyshort.jpg: That's more like it. How tall I *really* am compared to these guys.

[?]hole.jpg: Why is there a picture of my knee hole on the Internet?

[?]ponder.jpg: I forget what I was thinking about but this is me doing it.

[?]datails.jpg: James's amazing pigtails!!!

[?]chrisaol.jpg: Chris checking his mail on my 'puter with the alphabetically arranged keys. :)

[?]quack.jpg: Me and Chris doing the duck Pringles thing.

That's all the pictures . . . we played Playstation a lot, went to Napolitano's to sing karaoke (where Chris sang Adam Sandler's "Ode to My Car," to everyone's shock and amazement), and went out to eat a lot. Pizza is good. Roofs are good. Pigtails are good. Come back soon, y'all. We have fewer rednecks than Alabama. Maybe.