My pictures from our trip to Melbourne and the surrounding visit by Fred!

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May 5, 1999: Fred Arrives!

When Fred first got here, we spent a lot of time just flopping around in my room.

[?]bodypilo.jpg: Here's me with my body pillow.

[?]facing.jpg: This is Fred with his face in my pillow, Thbthb. He is "facing" it.

[?]floatpen.jpg: This is me sitting in my beanbag chair, doing my famous "pencil trick."

[?]ivytype.jpg: This is me at my computer, typing some mumbo-jumbo.

Then we just did other silly things around the house.

[?]sitcouch.jpg: This is me sitting on my couch, grinning pretty big.

[?]hulabott.jpg: I'm holding our giant mascot blue bottle, with a Hawaiian lei on it.

[?]ugotmail.jpg: I'm getting my mail in this picture . . . ooh, exciting.

Then we went to Alley Katz, a cool bowling place with video games and pool tables too.

[?]fredcue.jpg: Fred is holding his pool cue here.

[?]stoplite.jpg: I am touching a traffic light in this picture . . . look, they really are bigger than most people think. :)

Then we went home to eat.

[?]choke1.jpg: Here is Fred with his artichoke!

[?]choke2.jpg: And my artichoke . . . yes, they were yummy, thank you!

May 6, 1999: Shopping, Picnicking, and Poetry!

We did silly errands and then shopped at the mall for my sister's birthday and Mother's Day.

[?]gumball.jpg: I am hugging a gumball machine in the Limited Too (where I got my sister's present).

Then we went back to my house and got some picnic food, and we went onto the campus of my school. We got on the roof of the University Auditorium and had a picnic.

[?]fredroof.jpg: Fred is on the roof here . . . this is how it looks from the ground.

[?]chocbox.jpg: I am sipping my Hershey's chocolate milk box on the roof.

[?]roofsit.jpg: This is me on the roof of the UMA, just sitting around. I used to study up there when I was a music major.

Fred and I then frolicked in the music building for a while. I played the piano and stuff and then we went home. I was tired so I napped, I think Fred napped a little bit too. Then we got up and went to the Kotobuki restaurant for Japanese food.

[?]miso.jpg: I am eating miso soup, which is what I always got at Kotobuki with a green salad ('til I found out their broth wasn't vegetarian, anyway). Yum!!

[?]sushi.jpg: Fred got sushi, here he is eating some. He likes to eat. :)

Then we went to famous Thursday Night Poetry Jam at the Civic Media Center.

[?]pojam.jpg: That's me reading a poem at poetry jam, up on the stage.

When we went home we watched the movie Matilda and then went to bed sometime afterwards.

May 7, 1999: Traveling to Melbourne, Florida!

We did some silly errands and then we were off to Melbourne. :)

[?]totem.jpg: This is sort of totem-pole-esque . . . Jessica is a lot taller than I.

[?]botlfred.jpg: We brought the blue bottle. :)

[?]scuffle.jpg: Jessica and Fred began to go into attack mode.

[?]opnfurby.jpg: Jessica got a Furby. (I was somewhat jealous, seeing as how I didn't have one at that time and they really are pretty cool. Now I have three.)

We went and ate at Applebee's and got really horrible service and good food. :) Later we went in the jacuzzi and the pool. :D We saw The Forbidden Zone and then I fell asleep so I dunno what happened after. :)

May 8, 1999: The beach!

We ate at IHOP and then headed to the beach.

[?]4beach.jpg: This is all four of us on the beach: Ron, Jessica, me, and Fred! (Taken by a random dude on the beach.)

[?]3beach.jpg: Jessica and me, with Ron.

[?]3castle.jpg: Here's us with the castle we made!

[?]3castle2.jpg: Ron and Jessica and me with our castle.

[?]ivysand.jpg: Here's me with the castle, hard at work.

We decided that I was the castle's evil witch, Jessica was the moat monster, Ron was a knight or something, and Fred was the princess. :) Later we went home and I dozed. :)

[?]wakey.jpg: God help us. I just woke up . . . please no one piss me off quite yet, you might end up thrown across the room.

We went to a Thai restaurant which kind of pissed us all off because it seemed we got bad service everywhere we went. Later we had ice cream and watched some of Tenchi in Tokyo.

May 9, 1999: Visiting my parents!

We got up sorta early so we could drive to my house.

[?]braidnot.jpg: Here is me fooling around before I got dressed.

[?]match.jpg: Here's Fred and me after we got dressed, with our matching pillows.

[?]3furbys.jpg: Here I am posing with three Furbys!

We had breakfast with Jessica and Ron at McDonald's and came up with our new idea for taking over the Internet. Then we got on our way.

[?]fredpump.jpg: Fred is pumping gas here . . . similar to my gas-pumping picture in another photo page. :)

We arrived in Tampa unharmed. :)

[?]phouse.jpg: Here is me in front of my parents' house.

[?]snug.jpg: This is inside my parents' house; Fred and me hugging. :)

[?]blanky.jpg: When I was going through my memory boxes, I found my baby blanket!

[?]wstick.jpg: I found my old walking stick too.

We left Tampa after visiting with my family and got back to Gainesville, where we went to sleep almost immediately. :D

May 10, 1999: My first day of school!

Monday was my first day of summer school, ugh. After I got home from school and work, Fred and I went out to get my textbooks and then went to the computer lab so that he could see a project I'd done.

[?]onamac.jpg: Here is me on a computer lab Macintosh.

Then we went to have our lunch.

[?]bigass.jpg: We got a "Big Ass Pasta Bowl," here is the sign advertising it.

[?]pasta.jpg: While we were eating our pasta Fred took a picture of me, trying to get a picture of my eyes on film, but I blinked as you can see. (There's more bad pictures at the bad photos page. :) )

[?]freduf.jpg: The token picture of Fred in front of the UF sign.

[?]fleurthb.jpg: This is me with my pillow Thbthb.

[?]magnets.jpg: Me next to my fridge with magnets and a positive message spelled out. :)

We looked at some of my drawings and then read through some of my very silly journals. Then we watched the movie Phenomenon and had pizza. And then we read my journals some more and went to bed. :)

May 11, 1999: Fred goes back to California. :(

[?]goskewl.jpg: Me going to my second day of school. :P

[?]upyerz.jpg: Fred took this picture of Mia and me giving the British rude sign. :)

[?]fredcar.jpg: Fred in front of the car he rented, about ready to go back to the airport.

[?]ivycar.jpg: And then here's me in front of the car.

[?]huggish.jpg: And here is a bye-bye hug. :o

And then Fred went back to California, and I continued with my boring old week. :P