Meghan and I have almost-matching birthdays and wanted to celebrate our 20th anniversary of being friends, so we went on a road trip! January 17 through 23, 2014.

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Friday, January 17

[?] Our first drive was from Tampa to Charleston! We stopped at this Olive Garden for dinner.

[?] We ate lemon cake to celebrate our birthday.

Saturday, January 18

[?] Meggie is shopping and she visited with her Muppet friends!

[?] My hands stayed warm while shopping because of the hand warmers my sister knitted me. :)

[?] We bought cupcakes at this cool cupcake shop.

[?] [?] [?] We got these cupcakes for our cake fix.

[?] Meg's dad had this giant ottoman.

Sunday, January 19

[?] In Myrtle Beach, we found this weird boot while shopping. We also got candy and fudge.

[?] This house at Broadway On the Beach was upside-down.

Monday, January 20

[?] In the morning we ate some cupcakes.

[?] We drove to the DC area and met friends for dinner! Here are Cara, Jessie, and Ammy!

[?] The other side of the table was Meg, me, and Liz. We had Thai food.

Tuesday, January 21

[?] It snowed and work was canceled for our friends! Here I am outside in the snow.

[?] Meggie in the snow.

[?] Snow all over the place!

[?] Cara came over and had tea. She's using a really cute duck-shaped infuser!

[?] [?] We had candy necklaces so we ate them all together.

[?] Cara REALLY liked Meghan's guacamole. We had homemade enchiladas for dinner!

[?] Nope, too cold out there.

[?] Jessie played with her cat, Calliope.

[?] Cupcakes for our daily cupcakeness! We shared. :)

[?] That cat was clearly plotting evil.

Wednesday, January 22

[?] [?] Meghan's car, with Florida plates, covered in snow!

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] These are our cupcakes we got in Charlotte.

[?] We did Restaurant Week in Charlotte, and this was my appetizer at the Japanese restaurant.

[?] This is my teppanyaki vegetable dinner.

[?] Meg is having her dinner!

[?] I'm eating my veggies.

Thursday, January 23

[?] [?] And here are the last cupcakes of our trip, which we ate once we'd returned safely to Tampa.