My baby sister got married, and my middle sister came to visit for the wedding with her husband and new baby!

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grandmakissies.jpg: A few days before the wedding, I got to chill with my family--including my mom and nephew, pictured here.

bachelorette2.jpg: It's the bachelorette party! Lindsay is lying across all of us--me, Patricia, Jenny, Amber, and Kate.

bachelorettesash.jpg: Lindsay had a sash that said "bachelorette."

partyface.jpg: This is my bachelorette "partaaaaay" face.

winegoggles.jpg: You've heard of beer goggles, right? What about wine goggles?

ashgrandpa1.jpg: This is before the wedding rehearsal. Daddy is holding baby Ash, his grandson.

ashgrandpa3.jpg: Cute little Ash is exploring his grandpa's face!

ashgrandparents.jpg: Mom and Dad together playing with their grandson.

rehearsaldinner1.jpg: At the rehearsal dinner: Me with my family, including the cutest, tiniest member!

rehearsaldinner2.jpg: Lindsay with her cute parents at the rehearsal dinner.

rehearsaldinner3.jpg: I think Ash was tired of it all.

rehearsaldinner4.jpg: Linds being cute with her hubs-to-be.

rehearsaldinner5.jpg: This couple, man.

rehearsaldinner6.jpg: Linds loves her Amby with a passion.

rehearsaldinner7.jpg: Amber and Lindsay hanging out with li'l Ash.

rehearsaldinner8.jpg: Ahh, ladies of the rehearsal.

And then it was time for the big event! Here are a few photos of us getting ready and also posing for some silly shots.

Here are photos from the ceremony and directly after--some of which are professional shots and some of which were taken by family members!

And here are some pictures from the reception!


I was at the Yoda table.

First dances:

The toasts:

Silly people at the reception, some of whom are in Star Wars outfits:

Bouquet toss:

Cake cutting:

And . . . the end!

lindsayandmikeafterparty.jpg: There was a party the next day to celebrate several other events (including graduations), and here are Mike and Lindsay getting congratulated.

sistersafterparty.jpg: Aw, a sisters pic (at the after party).

ashbottle1.jpg: Here's Ash at Dad's when Patricia and I went to visit his side of the family. He's got a water bottle.

ashbottle2.jpg: He's so good at getting everything he wants into his mouth.

greatgrandparents1.jpg: Ash got to meet his great-grandparents.

greatgrandparents2.jpg: We were trying to see if Grandma would be able to see the baby.

fourgenerations.jpg: Four generations in one picture.

goodgrandpa.jpg: Dad is being a good grandpa to the little budja.

tinyhat.jpg: We're not sure Ash understands the humor value in Grandpa putting on his hat.

hammerplayer.jpg: Ash likes his little hammer.

reachformamasface.jpg: Look how he reaches for his mommy!

eatdaddysfinger.jpg: Dad's fingers are pretty tasty.

eatauntiesface.jpg: Obviously my face is delicious.

specialblanky.jpg: This is the blanky I used when I was little. I wanted to share it with my baby nephew.

usetheforce.jpg: Use the Force, Ash!

lindsandash.jpg: Lindsay loves her little nephew.