These pictures are from Katelyn's elementary school years.

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[?]frntback.jpg: A new Hello Kitty backpack for school!

[?]hugepack.jpg: I think it's a little big for her, wow.

[?]wbaby.jpg: Age five, holding a baby doll.

[?]kbnw.jpg: Cutie wearing black and white.

[?]kchick.jpg: On a field trip, Katie got to hold a chicken.

[?]khorse.jpg: She got to ride a horse too.

[?]k5hallo.jpg: Age five on Halloween. Little princess!

[?]s2candy.jpg: Age six, wearing her "I ♥ candy" shirt, in front of some lovely flowers.

[?]retty.jpg: Funny grin in front of flowers.

[?]retty2.jpg: By flowers again!

[?]kdream.jpg: The dreamer in her dreamer shirt.

[?]korange.jpg: She's eating an orange and behaving cutely.

[?]awdakids.jpg: Boy, she's only six and she's about as big as me.

[?]seerobot.jpg: We were watching Robot Chicken. Hilarious.

[?]katedog.jpg: Katie's playing doggie?

[?]pigride1.jpg: Brendon prepares to be ridden!

[?]pigride2.jpg: Wow, I'm impressed; what a great piggy-back ride! Good job, B!

[?]wigglies.jpg: Mommy and little girlie like to wriggle around the floor together.

[?]mounlean.jpg: It's a mountain of US.

[?]monklean.jpg: Wow! The monkey is CLEAN! Here she is, freshly bathed and hangin' with Brendon.

[?]ticklet.jpg: Her first meeting with Mikey, in a tickle-fight.

[?]kkerchif.jpg: Age seven. Li'l Kates has on her mommy's Oscar the Grouch kerchief. It's adorable.

[?]kpiggies.jpg: Katelyn with piggietails!

[?]sweett.jpg: Big hug for us in Sweet Tomatoes.

[?]olpals.jpg: Katie and her new pal Mikey.

[?]2cuties.jpg: We look pretty cute together.

[?]3scomp.jpg: It's me, the Kate-monster with her Oscar the Grouch do-rag thang, and Mikey with a sticky contact.

[?]eatpizza.jpg: A rather frightening photo of Katelyn devouring a pizza slice bigger than her head. (She couldn't even eat the whole piece, though.)

[?]mjkhug.jpg: Me and Katie in a three-way hug with her mommy.

[?]katsteve.jpg: Katie with Steve the cat.

[?]blondeez.jpg: This is me, Katie, and Meggie standing outside!

[?]wmonkey.jpg: I like to make a habit of posing with monkeys. This is my favorite monkey of all time.

[?]weswing.jpg: Katelyn and I sat on the swingy bench and looked out over the view.

[?]kskate.jpg: Katelyn used the skates I got her for Christmas. She's a pretty good skater, but it's hard to skate in the parking lot!

[?]kscotch2.jpg: Her turn at hopscotch.

[?]kbakseat.jpg: K in the back seat, in the car with Fred and me.

[?]doofaces.jpg: We're being silly in the car.

[?]songrup1.jpg: Here's Fred, Katelyn, Meg, and Brendon eating at Sonny's, Fred's favorite place!

[?]hapbren.jpg: Brendon is happy when you feed him enough meat.

[?]2sanng.jpg: Karaoke room! Katelyn and I took the mics.

[?]kar6.jpg: You might think she looks great, but she sounds even better, I promise!

[?]letsbisc.jpg: Katelyn helped me make my usual homemade biscuits from scratch. She's a great helper.

[?]kheels.jpg: Call me crazy, but I think this little lady looks better in heels than most grown-ups do. (And she probably walks in them better too.)

[?]kzoo1.jpg: Here she is at the zoo, October 2007.

[?]kzoo2.jpg: Wow, what's that critter? No, not Katelyn--the thing in the cage!

[?]kzoo3.jpg: There's an elephant back there!

[?]kzoo6.jpg: Are there two monkeys in this picture? Hehehe!

[?]hulabeauty.jpg: Here is what Katelyn wore for Halloween 2007!

[?]hulakatieewokben.jpg: Looks like little brother Benjamin doesn't like Halloween as much as his older sister.

[?]kmepizza1.jpg: Katelyn and I had pizza a couple days before Thanksgiving.

[?]katehouse2.jpg: Katelyn got to assemble a tasty house during a Christmas 2007 celebration!

[?]katehouse4.jpg: all done!

[?]katehouse8.jpg: Do you think she can gobble it all at once?

[?]christmas07bigfam6.jpg: Christmastime 2007 was quite a big family gathering! Here you see both Meggie's side and Brendon's. Katelyn's all the way on the left with Mommy!

[?]katieparasol.jpg: Katelyn found this cool parasol at the Renaissance Faire. February 2008.

[?]renfam1.jpg: Katie with her family at the Ren Faire.

[?]renfam2.jpg: Same as the picture above.

[?]bensitwk.jpg: Here her little brother is keeping her company, cozy in the bed.

[?]princesshair.jpg: At the Renaissance Faire in Tampa, Katie's grandmommy bought her this pretty princess hair ornament. Her hair is all fancy around it!

[?]ratwait.jpg: Here Katelyn is waiting for the Rat Catcher act to start, with her whole family.

[?]benprincess.jpg: She's being silly and putting her princess thing on her brother's head. "He's a girly-girl!" she said.

[?]kissevilbaby.jpg: This is after Benjamin's Baptism: Katie was kissing her brother.

[?]kissevilbaby2.jpg: "You'll get kissed and LIKE it!!"

Here are a few pictures from Katelyn's tenth birthday celebration at my house where she's playing with her brother Benjamin:


[?]k10bday8.jpg: She decided on vanilla cupcakes for her birthday cake, and we made it together. Here's her mixing the batter!

[?]k10bday9.jpg: Then after they were baked and cooled, we made tons of different colors and flavors of icing and she decorated them.

[?]k10bday10.jpg: Look at our beautiful finished product!

[?]k10bday11.jpg: Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you: That's two dozen beautiful birthday cupcakes!

[?]k10bday13.jpg: Here she is with her "birthday girl" cupcake: She decorated one with every kind of icing and every topping I had, and I said, "Now you have to eat that one." She didn't seem to have a problem with that assignment!

[?]k10bday12.jpg: And there she is with Meggie and Brendon in the background. Yay!

[?]kidsriding.jpg: Oh look, Ben is riding a ride with big sister Katelyn!

[?]motorcycle.jpg: Ooh, another thing to ride!

[?]sweetsiblings.jpg: Aww! Ben's sleeping on Katelyn!

[?]sweetsiblings2.jpg: Gosh, li'l Ben looks so peaceful there.

[?]lappybro.jpg: Ben is comfortable in Katie's lap.

[?]lappybro2.jpg: He likes laps!

I came to visit their family for the Meggie/Brendon wedding, so I got to see Katelyn a lot. Here are some more shots of her.

benkatiedeptstore.jpg: After Katelyn got back from school, we had to go shopping. Here's Katie keeping her brother entertained while Mommy was shopping for Daddy's present.

benkatieshoestore1.jpg: They were cute in the shoe store while Meggie was looking for shoes.

benkatieshoestore2.jpg: And here they are at a different shoe store, hanging out on a cool cushy couch.

ivybenkatieshoestore.jpg: I joined them in lounging on the comfortable-looking cushion.

responsiblebigsis.jpg: Katie does a really good job watching her brother. Sometimes it's hard to believe she's only ten!

omgshoeskatie.jpg: We finally found good shoes for Meg at this mall store, but in the meantime Katelyn was trying on a really cool shoe with an extremely convoluted fastener. When she finally got it on I had to take her picture.

Some pictures of Katelyn at the karaoke party we had the night before her mommy's wedding:

Now some photos taken that include Katie when she was a bridesmaid in the actual wedding:

receptionkatieben.jpg: Katie in her bridesmaid dress with her brother. He's playing with her necklace.

receptionkatiebenny.jpg: More Katie and Ben at the reception.

receptionmoneydance1.jpg: Ever heard of the money dance? They like to do it in Bren's family. If you want a dance with the bride or groom, you go up and pin money on them, and then you get to dance. The couple keeps the money for their honeymoon or other stuff. Here's Katie dancing with her new stepdaddy. :)

pastakatieivy.jpg: Now comes the part of the vacation where I stayed home with Katelyn while Meg and Bren took off for Disney World. (Brendon's mom watched the baby.) The first night, Katelyn and I made pasta together.

pizzakatie.jpg: There wasn't much to take pictures of until she came home from school, so here's the next day when we were making pizza.

pizzakatieivy.jpg: And here we are consuming it with gusto!

cookieskatieivy.jpg: And my last night there, we made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.

From a visit at my place, January 17, 2009:

Wrestling with little brother!!

[?]bennykatievideogame.jpg: Aww, she's so sweet to let her little brother drive the video game. This was taken at Chuck E. Cheese.