These pictures are from later on in Katelyn's babyhood. Enjoy!

Click on the thumbnail or the words to see a large image.

[?]dancer.jpg: Katelyn looks like a little dancer in this picture.

[?]howdydoo.jpg: Katelyn waving. :)

[?]swanknk.jpg: This is me the first time I got to hold Katelyn!!

[?]stevenk.jpg: Here is our friend Steve holding Katelyn.

[?]jmk.jpg: Here's me with Meghan and little Katelyn.

[?]knzoe.jpg: Katelyn sleeping with her Zoe doll.

[?]laylap.jpg: This is Katelyn squirming around on a lap (presumably her father's).

[?]laylap2.jpg: And yet another lap-dance by Katelyn. >:)

[?]momhold.jpg: Here's Meggie holding her baby.

[?]notnow.jpg: Katelyn looks like she was caught having a bad hair day or something and wishes she could have avoided this picture.

[?]playin1.jpg: Katelyn having a grand old time.

[?]playin2.jpg: See above. :)

[?]awake.jpg: Katelyn looks very awake here. Strong coffee, hon?

[?]puzzled.jpg: She looks a bit perplexed here.

[?]saywhat.jpg: Katelyn looks like some old lady going "eh??"

[?]sleep1.jpg: Katelyn's sleepy here.

[?]sowhat.jpg: Katelyn looks like she is waiting for the rest of your sentence.

[?]squall.jpg: I don't think she's crying here, but she looks like she's making a whiney noise.

[?]kfly.jpg: Look, it's super-baby!

[?]lesigh.jpg: A cute picture of Katelyn looking calm.

Here's pictures of Katelyn in her car seat.

[?] [?] [?] [?]

Picture #1Picture #2Picture #3 Picture #4

Here are pictures of Katelyn on the couch.

[?] [?] [?] [?]

Picture #1 Picture #2Picture #3 Picture #4

Here are pictures of Katelyn rolling around on a bed.

[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3 Picture #4 Picture #5 Picture #6

And here is Katelyn showing off her tummy. :)

[?] [?] [?]

Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3

[?]crawly.jpg: Katelyn worming around on the rug.

[?]stretch.jpg: Looks like the middle of a workout . . . "Mommy, throw me a towel?"

[?]holla.jpg: Katelyn's poking her little head out and making some noise.

[?]kundies.jpg: Here she is peeking out from under some underwear. . . .

[?]bnwkate1.jpg: Katelyn in black and white (taken by my sister), lying on a blanky at my parents' house.

[?]bnwkate2.jpg: Another like the above, only you can see me better and it's cuter (in my opinion).

[?]couchy.jpg: Plopped on the couch like a sack of flour.

[?]cribby.jpg: Standing unsteadily by the crib!

[?]momkiss.jpg: Mommy showers her with love. (This is scarily similar to a picture Meg has with her own mom at the same age.)

[?]1bears.jpg: This is Katelyn as a proud one-year-old! She is surrounded by bears.

[?]1flowers.jpg: Another of Katelyn at one year old, this time among the flowers.