My pictures from JACON 2004 in Orlando, Florida!

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Jeaux and I went to this anime convention dressed as Sae Sawanoguchi and Takeo Takakura from Maho Tsukai TAI (also known as Magic Users' Club). Since those are probably the most interesting pics, I will show you our outfits first. But just for reference, I'll show you a picture of the characters too so you can compare:

[maho tsukai tai characters]

Now for our pics.

[?]saetakeo.jpg: Here's both of us. We got someone to take our photo.

[?]takeownd.jpg: Here's Jeaux brandishing the magic wand he made for the costume.

[?]saeeye.jpg: There's me showing off the cool eye-shaped belt buckle Jeaux made us.

[?]saejeff.jpg: And here's me cuddling my Jeff-kun teddy bear.

[?]contest2.jpg: Last but not least, here's us on the stage during the costume contest. (We didn't win anything, though.)

Other folks' costumes, now. (If you were at JACON 2004 and you find your picture on this page, feel free to steal it and use it for your own purposes, or to message me and tell me who you are and what your costume is if I didn't know.)

[?]deji.jpg: Here's a Dejiko costume, from DiGi Charat.

[?]hentai.jpg: I don't think this guy is supposed to be anyone in particular, but in many animes there's an anime perv who wears the traditional cloth tied around the face ("peeping tom" gear) and walks around with a bag of bras and underwear. This guy's holding a red bra. Occasionally I saw it on his head.

[?]mamachan.jpg: It's Sana-chan's mom from Kodomo No Omocha! Sana's mom has a squirrel named Maro, who lives in her hair. Every day she gives Maro-chan a different hat/house to play with. This chick had it down pat with a bed for the little rodent.

[?]pocky.jpg: The Pocky girl! Her costume was so sweet. She even had the ingredients and UPC symbol on her box! (In case you don't know, Pocky is a kind of Japanese snack.)

[?]sailors.jpg: Two Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury.

[?]smoony.jpg: A different Sailor Moon costume.

[?]spacech5.jpg: This is from a video game called Space Channel 5. The girl sings and dances to fight aliens, apparently.

[?]stumes1.jpg: The guy in the middle here is Miroku from Inuyasha. I don't know who some of those other people are though.

[?]stumes2.jpg: White Mage and Red Mage . . . it's a Final Fantasy thing.

[?]stumes3.jpg: Not sure what's up here.

[?]toadst.jpg: Look, characters from the Mario Bros. game! If you look to the right, there's a Pichu.

[?]utenaya.jpg: Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Cool costume.

[?]vash.jpg: I don't care for Trigun, but this Vash was pretty good.

And now just a couple of miscellaneous photos from our weekend:

[?]b4con.jpg: Me on Friday, before we got into our costumes and walked into the convention.

[?]tetris.jpg: On Saturday we went to a classical music group who was playing stuff from video games, and when they started playing the music from the game Tetris a whole bunch of people got up and started Russian-dancing. We thought it was funny, so Jeaux took the picture.

[?]danceddr.jpg: After that they played the new DDR Project, and I was kinda shakin' it. Jeaux took a picture of me doing so. Luckily it isn't all that bad.

[?]jeauxgir.jpg: On Sunday Jeaux was carrying around his GIR robot wearing the suit I made for him for his birthday. This is the cute couple in front of a nice fountain near the Union.

[?]fountgir.jpg: You can see the fountain better. Here's me with GIR.